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What does God really want?

What does God really want?

God expects us to accept His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, as our Savior. He expects us to give our lives to Him, and in so doing, develop the character of Christ. God wants us to become more like Christ. God expects you to trust Him, Love Him and pattern yourself after His Son, Jesus Christ.

Does not work forsake the hands?

“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.”

What concerns you concern God Bible verse?

One of my very favorite scriptures in the Bible is Psalm 138:8 (Amplified Bible)- It says: The Lord will perfect that which concerns me.

What are examples of good works Christianity?

Evangelical Christianity They are the sign of a sincere and grateful faith. They include actions for the Great Commission, that is, evangelism, service in the Church and charity.

What are the benefits of doing God’s work?

The benefits of doing God’s will

  • Shall be called great.
  • Abides in God’s love.
  • Is heard by God.
  • Is blessed by God.
  • Will receive back from God.
  • Saves their soul and others.

What verse in the Bible says no one is perfect?

It was that he kept moving in the direction of perfection (Isaiah 38:3, 2 Chronicles . Jesus says that no one is perfect except God. If only God is perfect, then, “how can man become perfect (God)?”

Is striving for perfection healthy?

Perfectionism, however, is not a healthy pursuit of excellence. Those who strive for excellence in a healthy way take genuine pleasure in trying to meet high standards. Perfectionism, on the other hand, results in struggles with self-doubt and fears of disapproval and rejection.

What does it mean to strive for perfection?

On the other hand when you strive for perfection you are aiming at something that is so good that it cannot get any better and the risk is that you will never get there. Striving for excellence can really motivate and inspire you while striving for perfection can be demoralizing.

Can perfection be achieved?

“Research has found that those armed with a mission of daily perfection can suffer greatly—be it from depression, anxiety, or body image dissatisfaction.” Here’s the thing: Perfection is not possible.

How great are the works of the Lord?

Great are the works of the LORD; they are pondered by all who delight in them. Glorious and majestic are his deeds, and his righteousness endures forever. He has caused his wonders to be remembered; the LORD is gracious and compassionate. He provides food for those who fear him; he remembers his covenant forever.

What are the works of the Lord?

What was the Lord’s work, according to the evangelical mindset from which my spiritual consciousness emerged? It was ministry, missions, the pastorate; it involved preaching, baptizing, sharing the gospel, and praying.

What is the meaning of Psalm 138?

However, Dunn and Rogerson assert that the psalm was written as an expression of thankfulness after the return from exile in Babylon. This particular psalm describes that those who are close to God live in reality, and those who believe in human power live in a world of fantasy.

Why should faith and good works go together?

Faith and works cannot exist separately or alone. They must go together. Good works demonstrate the truth of one’s faith. They are the obvious, visible result of being justified by faith.

How do you define perfection?

1 : the quality or state of being perfect: such as. a : freedom from fault or defect : flawlessness. b : maturity. c : the quality or state of being saintly.

Will perfect that which concerns me?

‘ Psalm 138. Firstly, it is GOD alone that will perfect that which concerns me. Not my faith or lack thereof; not my performance nor my inner reserves of anything godly but HIM.

What is an example of perfection?

The definition of perfect is someone or something that is excellent, correct and flawless. An example of perfect is a soft avocado without bruises. An example of perfect is right size allen wrench for the job.

What is the sovereign will of God?

Sovereignty of God is the Christian teaching that God is the supreme authority and all things are under His control. Easton’s Bible Dictionary defines God’s Sovereignty as His “absolute right to do all things according to his own good pleasure.”

Why do we strive for perfection?

Usually, we strive toward being perfect to compensate for a sense of inadequacy. People who want to be perfect usually have an exaggerated sense of their own shortcomings.

What type of word is perfection?

noun. the state or quality of being or becoming perfect.

Why is the number 7 perfect in the Bible?

Number 7 is considered to be the number of the spiritual perfection because it is a symbol of God’s work. Maybe you didn’t know but number 7 was the most sacred number to the Hebrews. As we have already said, this number is a symbol of the perfect world, completeness and heaven.

Can you be saved by faith alone?

God’s Word says that we are saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus and not by our own efforts or works (Ephesians 2:8-9). Grace Alone. Faith Alone. Grace alone means that God loves, forgives, and saves us not because of who we are or what we do, but because of the work of Christ.

Does God think about us?

We are told in the living Word that God’s thoughts toward us are as numerous as the grains of sand upon earth. This has been mathematically calculated (seven quintillions) but really, the analogy means immeasurable. We are so important and beloved that He can’t stop thinking of us. …

What God says about perfection?

Verse. In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads: Be ye therefore perfect, even as your. Father which is in heaven is perfect.

What is the will of God for our lives?

God is God and He works all things, including your life, according to his purposes. Psalm 57:2 says, “I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.” This is key in understanding God’s purpose for your life. God has numbered your days and will fulfill every purpose He has for you.

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