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What does the Australian Computer Society do?

What does the Australian Computer Society do?

According to its Constitution, its objectives are “to advance professional excellence in information technology” and “to promote the development of Australian information and communications technology resources”.

How do I find my ACS member number?

Use our online lookup tool to find your ACS member number. You can also find your member number on your membership card and on the mailing label of your copy of C&EN. It is either the first seven or first eight numbers on your mailing label.

What is the purpose of the Australian Computer Society code of ethics?

The intention of the Code is to illustrate what constitutes professional behaviour. You are expected to take into account the spirit of this Code in order to resolve ambiguous or contentious issues concerning professional conduct. The ACS can help you resolve ethical dilemmas.

How do I register for ACS Australia?

To apply, complete an application for admission into a Special Category of Membership and email to [email protected]

Does ACS always deduct 2 years?

ACS deducts minimum 2 years and maximum 6 years from your total work experience. 2 years are reduced from all candidate’s work experience as ACS considers initial 2 years as training period.

What are the two levels of ACS certification?

ACS professional certifications are technology agnostic, recognising transferable skills and competencies….Depending on your ACS membership, use one of the below:

  • Member – MACS CP.
  • Senior member – MACS Snr CP.
  • Fellow – FACS CP.

How many CP hours must I complete during the Professional year?

6 CP hours
All Professional Year students are expected to register for their own chosen events via the ACS website and complete at least 6 CP hours during their Professional Year.

How do I change my ACS ID?

Send us an email at [email protected] Our team will update your information….2. Email Member Services

  1. Your name.
  2. Your member or customer number, if available.
  3. The change you would like to make.

What are the six core ethical values of the ACS?

Section 1.2 describes the Code of Professional Conduct, summarised as six values: The Primacy of the Public Interest; The Enhancement of the Quality of Life; Honesty; Competence; Professional Development; and Professionalism.

What are the key points of the ACS professional code of ethics?

your work. 3 Honesty You will be honest in your representation of skills, knowledge, services and products. 4 Competence You will work competently and diligently for your stakeholders. 6 Professionalism You will enhance the integrity of the Society and the respect of its members for each other.

Can anyone join ACS?

Can anyone join ACS? Chemistry is foundational to all that we do and all that impacts us in the world. From enthusiasts, to students, to professionals, and beyond, there is a package for you. The Basic Package is available to anyone with an interest in chemistry.

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