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What does the maxillary nerve branch into?

What does the maxillary nerve branch into?

Maxillary Nerve It gives rise to numerous sensory branches: Superior alveolar nerve (anterior, posterior and middle) Middle meningeal nerve. Infraorbital nerve.

What is the V2 nerve?

The intermediate division, maxillary nerve (V2), primarily supplies sensory innervation to the middle third of the face. It also carries postganglionic fibers from pterygopalatine ganglion which supply the lacrimal gland and mucous glands of the nasal mucosa.

What is the second branch of trigeminal nerve?

Diagram of the second branch (maxillary) of the trigeminal nerve with its branches. As it leaves the semilunar ganglion, the maxillary nerve passes through the dura of the lateral wall of the cavernous sinus.

Which nerve Innervates the maxillary first and second premolars?

posterior superior alveolar nerve
The posterior superior alveolar nerve innervates the second and third maxillary molars, and two of the three roots of the maxillary first molar (all but the mesiobuccal root)….

Posterior superior alveolar nerve
TA2 6235
FMA 75545
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What is the function of the maxillary nerve?

The maxillary branch is involved mostly in the sensory function. It helps relay sensation and pain messaging from the upper teeth, jaw, the mucosa (membranes) of the nasal cavity, as well as part of the tongue and face.

What nerve innervates the maxillary?

Trigeminal nerve

Maxillary nerve
From Trigeminal nerve
To Infraorbital nerve, zygomatic nerve, palatine nerve, nasopalatine nerve, sphenopalatine ganglion
Latin Nervus maxillaris

What does the maxillary branch of the trigeminal nerve innervate?

Supplying sensory innervation to certain parts of the face, the mucosa of the nose, together with the teeth, this nerve allows you to feel that annoying fly landing underneath your eye or that annoying pain caused by your dentist. …

What are the branches of maxillary division of trigeminal nerve?


  • Zygomatic nerve (zygomaticotemporal nerve, zygomaticofacial nerve), through the Inferior orbital fissure.
  • Nasopalatine nerve, through the sphenopalatine foramen.
  • Posterior superior alveolar nerve.
  • Greater and lesser palatine nerves.
  • Pharyngeal nerve.

Is the maxillary branch sensory or motor?

The maxillary nerve is also a sensory branch and innervates portions of the nasal cavity, sinuses, maxillary teeth, palate, and the middle portion of the face and skull above the mouth and below the forehead. The mandibular nerve is unique in that it contains both sensory and motor fibers.

What are the branches of maxillary artery?


  • deep auricular artery (enters squamotympanic fissure)
  • anterior tympanic artery (enters petrotympanic fissure)
  • middle meningeal artery (enters foramen spinosum)
  • accessory meningeal artery (enters foramen ovale)
  • inferior alveolar artery (enters mandibular foramen) artery to mylohyoid.

Which nerve Innervates the maxillary first and second molars quizlet?

Anterior Superior Alveolar Nerve- Maxillary Incisors, Middle Superior Alveolar Nerve- Maxillary Premolars and MB root of the 1st Molars, Posterior Superior Alveolar Nerve- DB root of the 1st Maxillary Molars, 2nd Molars, and 3rd Molars, Incisive Nerve- Mandibular Anterior teeth and Mandibular Premolars, Inferior …

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