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What does the suffix lessness mean?

What does the suffix lessness mean?

an adjective suffix meaning “without” (childless; peerless), and in adjectives derived from verbs, indicating failure or inability to perform or be performed (resistless; tireless).

What is the denotative meaning of love?

1 : a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person motherly/maternal love fatherly/paternal love See More Examples. Hide. 2 : attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship a declaration of love He was just a lonely man looking for love.

What is lovelessness?

1 : having no love a loveless relationship. 2 : not loved. Other Words from loveless More Example Sentences Learn More About loveless.

What is the connotation of love?

Love is an intense, deep affection for another person. Love also means to feel this intense affection for someone. Love can also refer to a strong like for something or to like something a lot. When you would do anything for a specific person, that’s usually because you feel love for them.

What’s the difference between Ness and less?

As you can see, this makes for rather a reciprocal definition: -ness takes adjectives and makes them nouns; -less takes nouns and makes them adjectives. In other words: If you take a base noun (say, spot) and add -less, you create a new word: a derived adjective, spotless.

What is meaning of unfeeling?

Definition of unfeeling 1 : devoid of feeling : insensate an unfeeling corpse. 2 : lacking kindness or sympathy : hard-hearted an unfeeling brute.

Is Loveless a real word?

receiving no love; unloved.

How do you describe a dauntless person?

A dauntless person is brave and confident and not easily frightened.

How do you use the word less in a sentence?

The use of less or less than where usage guides recommend fewer (than) is common in most varieties of English: less than eight million people; no less than 31 of the 50 states; We did more work with less people. Though these uses are often criticized, they appear to be increasing in frequency.

What does it mean to act with selflessness?

To act with selflessness is to forsake oneself for the benefit of another person. People often say that most parents are a good example of this because parents have been known to always put their child’s interests and needs ahead of their own (obviously without expecting anything in return).

What is the meaning of the word’less’?

7. a smaller amount or quantity: She eats less every day. 8. something inferior or not as important: People have been imprisoned for less. prep. 9. minus; without: a year less two days. less and less, to a decreasing extent or degree.

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