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What GPA do you need to get into a sorority?

What GPA do you need to get into a sorority?

2.50 GPA

Does every girl get into a sorority?

We meet the prospective members and decide from there. There aren’t any rules like there are with formal rush. If we don’t feel that a girl would benifit our sorority, we don’t have to offer her a bid.

Why can’t sororities have alcohol?

National sorority organizations tend to ban alcohol to get lower insurance rates, or because they argue that women don’t want to live in a place with rowdy parties.

How do you get sororities to like you?

10 Sorority Rush Do’s and Don’ts – Sorority Recruitment TipsDo: Get Lots of Sleep. This is key! Don’t: Just Make Small Talk. Do: Get to Know Your Rush Counselor (Rho Chi) Don’t: Worry About About Being Overdressed. Do: Bring Flip Flops. Don’t: Take it Personally. Do: Be on Your A-game. Don’t: Party During Recruitment.

Is there an age limit to join Delta Sigma Theta?

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. does not have an age limit for persons interested in either collegiate or alumnae chapters.

How can I join Delta Sigma Theta?

To become a member, you’ll need to be in good academic standing, attend an informational meeting, and fill out the application. Once the chapter receives all your application materials, they’ll vote on whether or not to accept you. You’ll need to get a majority of votes in order to become a member of DST.

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