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What happened in the 2013 Alberta flood?

What happened in the 2013 Alberta flood?

The flood of June 2013 was the largest flood in Calgary since 1932. Sadly, one Calgarian’s life was lost and there was as much as $6 billion in financial losses and property damage across southern Alberta.

Why were the floods in Alberta in 2013 particularly bad?

The deluges were the result of some unusual weather. Along with the torrents of rain, there were unexpected wind patterns and the convergence of two huge weather systems. Some of the hardest-hit areas have experienced twice as much rain in 48 hours than the normal average for all of June.

What was the deadliest flood in Canada?

1950 Red River flood
1950 Red River flood On May 18, the Red River reached 30.3 feet above normal. Approximately 107,000 people were evacuated from the area. Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent called it the “most catastrophic flood ever seen in Canada”.

What caused Calgary flooding?

Heavy rainfall in the mountains and foothills combined with snow melt which drains into our rivers. Flooding happens quickly and with little warning because of the short, steep distance the rivers travel from the mountains to Calgary. Rivers and creeks can overflow their banks when full of rain water and snowmelt.

How many people died in Calgary flood?

2013 Alberta floods

The Downtown East Village neighbourhood of Calgary, Alberta, during the 2013 Alberta floods (June 21, 2013)
Date June 19 – July 12, 2013
Location Southern and central Alberta: show Communities
Deaths 5
Property damage $5 billion (Estimated) ($5.57 billion in 2020 dollars)

Could the Calgary flood have been prevented?

Mitigation work that is already complete or is underway has reduced Calgary’s flood risk by 50 per cent and our flood damages by $80 million every year….River Flood Mitigation Barriers.

Projects Completion Timeline
Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP): flood barrier 2023

How much did the Calgary flood cost?

The 2013 flood damaged thousands of homes and businesses, including more than a dozen houses that needed to be demolished completely, and killed one person in Calgary and four others elsewhere in southern Alberta. It was the costliest flood in Canadian history, with the total damage estimated at $5-billion.

How many people died in the High River flood?

Four people
Fatalities. Four people are confirmed to have died as direct result of the flooding. Three people drowned in the Highwood River near High River, while an elderly woman drowned in her ground-floor apartment in Calgary’s Mission neighbourhood.

What happened after the 2013 Calgary flood?

The flood of June 2013 was the largest flood in Calgary since 1932. Sadly, five lives were lost and there was as much as $6 billion in financial losses and property damage across southern Alberta. Evacuees and people whose homes were flooded faced trauma, loss, and either rebuilding or the permanent loss of their home.

How many people died in the Alberta floods?

It has been one year since floodwaters ripped through several communities bringing widespread devastation to southern Alberta. The flooding also claimed the lives of five people.

What was the name of the city in Alberta that flooded?

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What is being done to prevent flooding in Calgary?

Flood mitigation. In November 2013, the Government of Alberta announced various projects to mitigate future flooding within Calgary and High River. The projects include construction of a channel to divert water around High River and a dry dam for the Elbow River west of Bragg Creek, which is upstream of Calgary.

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