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What happened to actor Aldo Ray?

What happened to actor Aldo Ray?

SAN FRANCISCO — Aldo Ray, 64, the burly, gravel-voiced movie actor who starred in a string of Hollywood combat epics, died March 27 of complications from throat cancer and pneumonia at the VA Hospital in Martinez.

Who was Aldo Ray married to?

Johanna Raym. 1960–1967
Jeff Donnellm. 1954–1956Shirley Greenm. 1947–1953
Aldo Ray/Spouse

Was Aldo Ray a singer?

Singing. Ray only sang in one film, performing “Three Angels” in We’re No Angels.

When was Aldo born?

September 25, 1926
Aldo Ray/Date of birth
Aldo DaRe was born in the borough of Pen Argyl, in Northampton County, Pennsylvania on 25 September 1926. He attended the University of California at Berkeley, served as a US Navy frogman during WWII and saw action on Iwo Jima.

Where is Aldo Ray buried?

He was buried from St. Rose Catholic Church in Crockett; with a majority of the residence coming out to pay their respects (it was the first time a native of this small town had become famous).

How old was Aldo Ray when he passed away?

64 years (1926–1991)
Aldo Ray/Age at death

Aldo Ray, a husky, sandpaper-voiced film actor who excelled in military roles and in comedy, died yesterday at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Martinez, Calif. He was 64 years old and lived in Crockett, Calif.

Who plays Aldo Ray?

Jim Vanning
Nightfall (1957) — (Movie Clip) Five Dollars In an apparent chance-meeting an an L-A bar, Jim Vanning (Aldo Ray) helps out the stranded Marie Gardner (Anne Bancroft), just a couple minutes into Nightfall, 1957, adapted from the novel by David Goodis.

Who played Aldo?

Yet there’s one place its deft treatment of its feminist hero and its nimble needling of casual sexism begins to fumble: In the character of Aldo (Peter Serafinowicz), the Italian agent who claims he just can’t keep his hands off of McCarthy’s Susan Cooper, even though she repeatedly asks him to stop.

Did Aldo Ray play the harmonica?

When Aldo Ray plays a harmonica without using his hands upon entering the store, the music which is played would be impossible to play without hands and with a standard harmonica, not a chromatic one. Peter Ustinov’s star was rising here.

Where was Aldo Ray born?

Pen Argyl, PA
Aldo Ray/Place of birth

Is Aldo in spy Italian?

From the moment we meet him, Aldo is the human, Italian version of Pepé Le Pew. When he picks up Susan from the airport during her undercover mission, his approach to supporting his colleague is all too hands-on; he’s constantly finding excuses to grab her “bosoms” or attack her face with his tongue.

Who shot Karen in Spy?

Rayna imprisons Susan and Aldo, but Fine visits them, revealing he is gaining Rayna’s trust to locate the nuke, and he was the one who killed Karen.

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