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What happened to Luna Mansion?

What happened to Luna Mansion?

The historic building, which was built in 1881, has been a staple in Los Lunas for decades and was turned into a fine dining restaurant in 2009. The restaurant closure is sad news to the community.

Is the Luna Mansion for Sale?

About 110 Main St SW Los Lunas, NM 87031 The Historic Luna Mansion, Los Lunas NM, is on the market for sale as a fully equipped restaurant with inter-local dispenser liquor license, offered optional at $350K, or for another commercial or residential use.

When did the Luna Mansion close?

The Luna-Otero Mansion, on the National Register of historic places, is located at 110 W. Main in Los Lunas, New Mexico just west of the junction of Highway 314 and Highway 6. The fine-dining establishment fell victim to the 2020 COVID pandemic mandated shutdowns and decided to close its doors for good in June of 2020.

How old is the Luna Mansion?

The Luna Mansion was built in 1880 by the Santa Fe Railroad Company in exchange for right-of-way through lands owned by the Luna family. In the 1920s, the Luna-Otero family added to the grandeur of the Los Lunas showcase by building a front portico and grand solarium.

What is the zip code for Los Lunas New Mexico?

87031Los Lunas / Zip code

How many rooms does the Luna Mansion?

With 14 rooms total and a kitchen in a building separate from the main house, the new Luna home was quite affluent compared to the typical New Mexico family home of one or two rooms, he said. “It would make a statement on their power and influence on everyone around,” he said.

What county is Los Lunas NM?

Valencia CountyLos Lunas / County
The Village of Los Lunas is the county seat of Valencia County, NM. According to the 2010 US Decennial Census, the population of Los Lunas was 14,835, and the American Communities Survey for 2015 was 15,281.

What is Belen NM ZIP code?

87002Belen / Zip code

What is Los Lunas known for?

Los Lunas has a rich and colorful history. Through the influence of the Luna family, the county seat moved from Tome to Los Lunas in 1876. When the Santa Fe Railroad line arrived in Los Lunas, the railroad depot was built which facilitated the movement of livestock, hay, supplies and general merchandise.

How did Los Lunas get its name?

Los Lunas is part of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area. The name “Los Lunas” is a partial Anglicization of the name of the Luna family, who originally settled in the area (los Luna, in Spanish).

What zip code is 87002?

ZIP Code 87002

Post Office City: Belen, NM (View All Cities)
County: Valencia County
Timezone: Mountain (12:05pm)
Area code: 505 (Area Code Map)
Coordinates: 34.6, -106.7 ZIP (~21 mile radius)

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