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What happened to Tarsha Jones?

What happened to Tarsha Jones?

Miss Jones is currently the host of Jonesy In the Morning, a morning show that airs nationally on MissJonesRadio.Net. After previously working for Hot 97 and until 2008 and WUSL Power 99Fm and until 2011, Jonesy In the Morning is produced by Miss Jones.

What happened to Ms Jones in the morning?

Jonesy, as she was known in Philly, left Hot 97 for her own show in Philadelphia on WUSL Power 99 FM. She returned to NYC for “Miss Jones in the Morning” on Hot 97 for a four year run. As it turns out she was never fired from Hot 97 but returned to Philly on Radio One’s WPHI 103.9 The Beat.

Who did Miss Jones sleep with?

During her “Drink Champs” interview, Miss Jones said that she slept with Busta Rhymes to obtain a feature on a song to increase her buzz. But, that plan didn’t work.

What is the name of Miss Jones podcast?

Flip Da Script Podcast
Flip Da Script Podcast: Miss Jones Episode on Apple Podcasts.

Why did Ms Jones get fired?

In 2005, Jones was suspended for two weeks because of controversial remarks she made on the air. The issue was a parody song titled “Tsunami Song”, written by Rick Delgado to disparage Asians after the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.

What is Mrs Jones?

Mrs. Jones, full name Tulip Jones, a character in the Alex Rider media franchise. Mrs. Jones’ Birthday, a 1909 film starring Fatty Arbuckles. Jones, a fictional character in Zig and Zag.

Why was Miss Jones fired?

Miss Jones accused Miss Info of feeling “superior, probably because [she’s] Asian” and Lynn interrupted saying he thought he was going to start shooting Asians. In addition to Miss Jones’ apology and one posted on the Hot 97 website, the Morning Show producer, Rick Delgado and co-host Todd Lynn were fired.

Why did Ms Jones leave Hot 97?

How old is singer Miss Jones?

53 years (October 24, 1968)Miss Jones / Age

Who was Busta Rhymes talking about on drink champs?

Busta Rhymes calls into Drink Champs episode 36 to announce the signing of the Floyd Mayweather of battle rap, Murda Mook, to Conglomerate Entertainment.

Who is Miss Jones official?

Tarsha Nicole Jones
Tarsha Nicole Jones (born October 24, 1969), better known as Miss Jones, is a former R&B artist and radio personality. She previously worked for WQHT in New York City and 103.9 The Beat and WUSL in Philadelphia. Miss Jones was the first black woman to host Morning Radio on a hip hop radio format.

What is Miss Jones?

Miss Jones is your cannabis confidant. Our outposts exist to give you carefully curated cannabis products & experiences, in addition to any answers & advice you may be looking for. We know what’s good. We’re happy to help. And if you do drop by, we hope you’ll make yourself at home.

Who is Jonesy aka Miss Jones?

Jonesy, born Tarsha Jones, shot to fame as a singer, on classic tracks like “Where I Wanna Be Boy” and AZ and Nas’ song “Sugar Hill.”Additionally, she has remained […] (AllHipHop News) Philadelphia radio personality “Jonsey” aka Miss Jones, recently pleaded guilty to a count of disorderly conduct, after an altercation with her ex-husband in June.

What happened to Mike Jones from Clear Channel Philadelphia?

According to, Clear Channel Radio spokeswoman, Loraine Ballard Morrill, confirmed that Jones is “no longer an employee of Clear Channel Philadelphia.”

Why did Jonesy Jones get arrested?

According to reports, Jonesy was involved in physical altercation with her former husband Kolon Patrick in which she punched him and attempted to strike him with her Mercedes. Patrick was also arrested in the incident and also pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. Both were hit with small fines for the incident.

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