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What happened to WUVS?

What happened to WUVS?

On December 23rd, 1981, the Associated Press ran a small story in the New York Times about the demise of Wuv’s entitled Wuv’s Chain Files Under Chapter 11. They had lost 1 million dollars in revenue, which had led to the dismissal of 30 of its 50 office employees.

Is Whataburger in New Jersey?

Several nationally known burger chains, Whataburger, In-N-Out, Jack in the Box and Krystal among them, do not appear here because they do not currently have locations in N.J. Predictably, the mass-market chains did not fare well against the gourmet burger chains in my ranking, but several of the former did well.

What were popular restaurants in the 1970s?

16 Beloved Restaurants Only ’70s Kids Will Remember

  • Burger chef.
  • Howard johnson’s.
  • Gino’s hamburgers.
  • Bob’s big boy.
  • white tower restaurant ohio.
  • Sambo’s.
  • Lum’s.
  • Steak and ale.

What happened to all American burger?

The All American Burger – a regional American fast-food restaurant chain founded in 1968 in Los Angeles by Aaron Binder and made famous in the movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High; The last location, in Hollywood, was replaced by a Chipotle in 2010.

Are there any hot and now’s left?

The future doesn’t look good for any resurgence of the once thriving Hot ‘n Now restaurant chain. However, the lone remaining Hot ‘n Now restaurant, in Sturgis, Mich., keeps finding ways to stay successful with prices and items that spark nostalgia.

What ever happened to hot and now?

Hot ‘n Now is an American fast-food restaurant based in Holt, Michigan. Founded in 1984, the chain once grew to more than 150 locations throughout the United States at its peak. Subsequently, under the ownership of PepsiCo, the chain filed for bankruptcy in 2004, and was then sold to STEN Corporation.

Are there any Zaxbys in New Jersey?

Here are a few more of the largest restaurant chains in America, according to, that we don’t have in New Jersey: Zaxby’s (This is a fast-food chicken restaurant located mainly in the south.

How many burger Kings are there in NJ?

Now with 58 Burger King Restaurants, in Trenton, Cherry Hill, Burlington, Ocean County, Elizabeth, Hackensack, and surrounding areas, the chances are that you have dined at a Burger King Franchised by Parade Enterprises.

What was the most popular food in the 70s?

10 Recipes That Defined the 1970s

  1. Pineapple Chicken. Basically anything with pineapple was fair game in the 70s due to an increased interest in Hawaiian culture.
  2. Quiche.
  3. Cheese Balls/Logs.
  4. Carrot Cake.
  5. Pasta Primavera.
  6. Stuffed Vegetables and Meat.
  7. Salad Bars with Ranch and Green Goddess Dressing.
  8. Crêpes.

Who owns all American burger?

It’s a South Shore icon, family owned and operated since 1963 and if you haven’t been there yet, the summer is the best time to get in line and try what are arguably the best fast food burgers on Long Island. Philip and William Vultaggio were the sons of Italian immigrants who grew up in Amityville in the 40s.

What movie was All American Burger in?

In Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, The All American Burger stood in for Clown Dog restaurant, where Sue Ellen Crandell (Christina Applegate) worked for a day and met her future boyfriend, delivery boy Bryan (The Good Wife’s Josh Charles). The real life interior of the eatery was also used in the movie.

Where can I get the best hamburgers in New Jersey?

Those looking for an upscale, fancy establishment might not enjoy all that Barnacle Bill’s has to offer, but those simply looking for one of the best burgers the area has to offer will not be disappointed. Order a burger… Read More White Rose Hamburgers in Highland Park, New Jersey is a famous spot for old-fashioned burgers.

What are the best Late-Night Burgers in New Jersey?

White Rose Hamburgers in Highland Park, New Jersey is a famous spot for old-fashioned burgers. It is a long-time favorite among Rutgers University students and New Jersey natives alike. The speedy service and greasy goodness keep people coming back for this late-night favorite burger joint. When you’re craving fast food but want… Read More

Where are the best burgers in New Brunswick?

Located in the heart of New Brunswick’s theater district, Stage Left is a great pre-show dinner option no matter what you’re craving. But if you’re searching for an amazing burger, it is even better. This upscale restaurant is home to one of the best burgers in NJ. Order from the bar menu for the Famous Stage Left Cheeseburger,… Read More

What is in a Steve’s Burger?

The Steve’s Burger is an 80/20 chuck patty with American cheese, a mayo-based secret sauce, bacon, crispy onion rings, lettuce and tomato. What I love: This burger makes me want to say the Pledge of Allegiance, it’s such a fantastic example of American cooking.

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