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What happens in season 5 episode 2 of Glee?

What happens in season 5 episode 2 of Glee?

Tina Cohen-Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz) is nominated for prom queen at the new combined all-grades prom and is determined to win, dumping Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet)—who she had previously accepted as her prom date—to capitalize on the potential votes of girls without dates, and belittling her assistant and campaign …

What episode does Demi Lovato leave in Glee?

Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato is featured in The Break-Up, the fourth episode of Season Four. It is sung by Brody and Rachel.

What episode of Glee do they sing Don’t Stop Believin season 5?

New Directions
Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey is featured in New Directions, the thirteenth episode of Season Five. It is sung by Will, the alumni and the New Directions, with solos from Artie, Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Tina and Will.

What episode of Glee do they sing the Beatles?

Love, Love, Love
Glee Sings the Beatles is a Glee music album. It features all the songs from the Season Five episodes Love, Love, Love and Tina in the Sky with Diamonds (except Revolution), which were tributes to The Beatles. The album was released on September 24, 2013, two days before the Season Premiere airdate on September 26.

What happens Season 4 Episode 22 Glee?

Brittany finally reveals she was given an acceptance into MIT and says a tearful goodbye to her friends including Santana and Sam, Ryder refuses to perform at Regionals unless a “Catfish” is revealed and Will and Emma get married in the choir room.

Does Tina win prom queen?

While Tina is unaware of Bree’s scheme, she is focused on Prom Queen, rejecting to go to the Prom with Sam, who now has an eye on college sophomore school nurse, Penny….First Aired.

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“Love, Love, Love” “The Quarterback”

Why did Demi leave Glee?

Demi did take their time away from television to get back to the studio to begin working on their third studio album. They began appearing as a judge on The X Factor in 2012, which was the shows second season, and was the only judge to return to the show for its third season, along with Simon Cowell.

Did Glee ever do The Beatles?

Glee will begin its season with a two-part tribute to one of the greatest bands of all-time, The Beatles. Now, Columbia Records has released the full track-listing for the elaborate episode and announced there will be a special Glee/Beatles album out Sept. 24, just two days before the premiere.

What was the first Beatles song covered on Glee?

Love Love Love
The album features fourteen songs recorded for the first two episodes of the season: “Love Love Love” and “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds”….

Glee Sings the Beatles
Label Columbia / 20th Century Fox TV

Does Glee Club end in season 5?

The fifth season of the Fox musical comedy-drama television series Glee was commissioned on April 19, 2013, along with a sixth season. It premiered on September 26, 2013, as part of the 2013 fall season. After a winter break, it returned on February 25, 2014, moving to Tuesday nights to finish its season.

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