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What is a 2021 peace dollar worth?

What is a 2021 peace dollar worth?

Priced at $85 each, these coins are struck in . 999 silver and have an uncirculated finish. Orders for each coin are limited to three per household.

How much is my Peace Dollar worth?

Without a mintmark, the silver dollar has a value of $ 25 in its fine condition. The value increases to $ 27 if the condition is extremely fine. An MS 60 grade silver coin is valued at $ 30 if uncirculated and $ 110 if uncirculated and has an MS 65 grade.

Are Peace Dollars valuable?

Peace Silver Dollars were the last type of United States one dollar coins issued for regular circulation that had a composition of 90% silver. So despite the fact that many years and mintmarks were issued by the millions, each Peace dollar still has a minimum value of about $15 just for its silver content alone.

Is a 1922 Peace Dollar worth anything?

1922 Peace Silver Dollar (normal relief) The value of the coin in decent condition is approximately $20 to $30. However, it is still a value above the silver melt price. A coin in uncirculated (MS+) mint condition is more expensive and reaches $52 to $174. Finally, a rare proof coin is worth more than $82,000.

How many 2021 Morgans are there?

The Denver Mint-struck 2021-D Morgan dropped 4,384 to 168,226 and the San Francisco Mint-produced 2021-S Morgan fell 4,189 to 168,719.

What is a 1923 silver dollar worth today?

1923 Peace Silver Dollar Value
Condition of Coin
1923 Peace Silver Dollar Value Updated
1923 $18.21 $18.77
1923 D $18.21 $18.77

What is the mintage of the 2021 Morgan dollar?

The U.S. Mint initially offered, on three different dates, five 2021 Morgan silver dollars struck at three different current production facilities, with a mintage limit of 175,000 coins each, and priced at $85 each. The Philadelphia Mint was also authorized to strike and release up to 200,000 Peace silver dollars.

How many 2021 Morgan dollars will be minted?

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