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What is a client project manager?

What is a client project manager?

The client project manager acts as the interface for the project into the organisation, managing the commercial relationship, reporting and providing any clarification needed. This interface to the supply chain will usually be through the delivery project manager.

Is it client’s or clients?

client’s [singular possessive] is used to show possession of an item or thought (displeasure) belonging to only one client. clients’ [plural possessive] is used to show possession of items or thoughts (representatives) belonging to more than one client.

Is there an apostrophe in customers?

The apostrophe always goes after the thing(s) doing the possessing, so if you’re talking about one customer, it’s customer’s, and if you’re talking about more than one, it’s customers’.

How can I get clients?

How to Get Clients1) Find clients through your workplace.2) Find clients through business organizations.3) Tell friends and family you’d like more clients.4) Advertise for clients.5) Get clients through your personal activities.6) Get clients through referrals.7) Get clients through social media.

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