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What is a cross reference directory?

What is a cross reference directory?

Criss-cross directories contain information arranged by address—first by street name and then by house number. In more recent years, criss-cross directories also contain listings organized by telephone number or telokey.

How do I find out my old landline phone number?

You can search online phone directories through many free websites such as Whitepages and Zabasearch. Visit these sites and type the name of the person or business you want to use to search for a home phone number or business number.

What is the Haines directory?

Haines Property Connect is designed to provide individuals and businesses with precise property data. Visualize data with maps and easy-to-read displays.

Who owns Haines?

Hanes, Inc.

Type Brand
Headquarters Winston-Salem, North Carolina , U.S.
Products Underwear, casualwear, hosiery and socks
Owner Hanes, Inc.
Parent Hanesbrands

How can I get free 411 directory assistance?

Here’s How to Get Free 411 But here’s the good news: you can actually reach directory assistance for free. Just dial 1-800-FREE-411 (or 1-800-373-3411) from your phone instead.

What is a cross number Directory?

VILNIUS (Reuters) – Lithuanian Interior Ministry said Belarus authorities have ordered migrants to be cleared from a warehouse near the Polish border and from Minsk, which could lead to renewed attempts to push the migrants in large numbers into the

What is a criss cross directory?

– Directory assistance phone data – Financial data & County assessor/deed information – Mail response coding & Questionaire data – Adult birth date & Children’s age data – Product registration data & Mail order buyer data – US Postal Service / US Census & Deceased file

What is a cross reference book?

Cross reference is a reference to information located somewhere else in the same document. So if in Chapter 3 of a book, the reader is referred to Appendix A for more detailed information on a

What is a reverse directory?

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