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What is a fry Reglet reveal?

What is a fry Reglet reveal?

Fry Reglet Reveal creates an attractive vertical or horizontal recessed reveal in drywall installations. Reveals can become a design element to enhance building interiors. Reveal widths from 1/8″ to 6″ for choice of design effects.

What is the meaning of Reglet?

Definition of reglet 1 : a flat narrow architectural molding. 2 : a strip of wood used like a lead between lines of type.

What is a reveal bead?

Brought to you by Trim-Tex. Reveals create strong crisp shadow lines in drywall. This detail is found in modern homes and offices designed to accentuate clean lines. Reveals are also used to add visual interest to large spans of drywall, breaking up the surface and creating artistic accents.

What is a shadow bead?

TrimTex Shadow Bead is used to create a reveal effect when ceilings are butting up to walls. It is easily attached with compound or staples after the panels are in place. Installation is completed with joint compound for a smooth ready-to-paint surface.

What is Fry reglet millwork reveal?

Millwork Reveal | Millwork Trims by Fry Reglet Fry Reglet’s Millwork Reveal installs with 1/2”, 3/4” or 1” millwork panels, and provides a straight, uniform reveal horizontally or vertically between panels. Products Shape Finder Explore

What is the width of Fry reglet pattern?

DESCrIPTION Fry Reglet Plaster Channel Screeds with three reveal widths (3/4″, 11/2″ and 2″) are combined to produce this intricate pattern. The widest reveal frames the entire assembly while 11/2″ width is curved into an attractive design element. The center pattern is assembled from the narrowest moldings.

What is a fry reglet chartrail insert?

Fry Reglet 2” and 3” Chartrail Insert to be inserted into the Integrated Functional Reveal Rail. Chartrail can be used to hold markers or as a stand for presentations or artwork. GUIDE SPECIFICATION Where indicated on drawings, Fry Reglet Chartrail Insert shall be installed.

What is Fry reglet column collar?

USAGE Fry Reglet Column Collar provides a functional, attractive trim creating a reveal at column/ceiling joint. PVC spacer insures an attractive appearance and no light leaks. Fabricated to fit specific column sizes.

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