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What is a Yamaha EXUP valve?

What is a Yamaha EXUP valve?

A four-stroke power valve is a device fitted to four-stroke engines that constantly adjusts the internal diameter of the exhaust system to better suit the speed of the engine. Yamaha was the first to develop such a system, called the Exhaust Ultimate Power Valve (EXUP).

What does Yamaha EXUP do?

This is a system that employs a variable EXUP valve in the muffler that can change the configuration of the exhaust duct in a way that controls fluctuations in exhaust pressure at the moments of overlap between the intake and exhaust valves in order to improve intake efficiency, boost power output and improve fuel …

What is EXUP servo motor?

What does an exhaust servo motor do? An exhaust servo motor is one component of the exhaust valve system (sometimes called the ex-up or power valve system) found on almost every modern sportbike including all Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, Ducati, Triumph and a few others.

How many valves does an R1 have?

‘ “By using the five-valve design you are a little bit constricted in how much you can shape the combustion chamber.

What is Exup eliminator?

Description: Graves Motorsports Universal EXUP Eliminator is a simple plug-and-play application that allows the removal of the EXUP valve and motor without setting the “Check Engine light” being activated when using a full racing exhaust.

Is R1 an inline 4?

ENGINE. The R1’s 998cc inline-four-cylinder engine features Yamaha’s exclusive crossplane crankshaft technology derived from Yamaha’s YZR-M1 MotoGP® race bike.

What does the exhaust valve do on a motorcycle?

The valves allow the intake mixture to enter the combustion chamber, and the spent gasses to exit after combustion. However, the most important job valves do is to seal the combustion chamber so that the intake mixture can be compressed and ignited. That’s pretty much it.

Will a 2-stroke run without power valve?

You could run it without a powervalve but it will have no low end.

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