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What is Beni Mellal known for?

What is Beni Mellal known for?

Beni Mellal overlooks the Beni Amir plain and is the chief market for the products of the irrigated Tadla plain, including livestock and such fruits as oranges, olives, and figs.

How big is Beni Mellal?

28,374 km2
It covers an area of 28,374 km2 and recorded a population of 2,520,776 in the 2014 Moroccan census. The capital of the region is Beni Mellal.

Are Moroccans Middle Eastern?

Morocco falls under the umbrella of the “Middle East and North Africa,” a geographic region that is tied together loosely by religion (Islam), language (Arabic), and ethnicity (Arab people).

Are Moroccans African or Middle Eastern?

But anyway, Morocco is situated in the North of Africa, which means that geographically Morocco is an African country. The Amazighi people constitute about 48% of the population, which is the native identity of Morocco before the Arabs came to spread the Islam religion.

Is Moroccan an ethnicity?

Moroccans are a very homogenous ethnic group and are primarily of Berber (Amazigh) origin as in other neighbouring countries in the Maghreb region.

Where is Beni Mellal located?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Beni Mellal (Arabic: بني ملال ‎) is a city in north-central Morocco. It is the capital of the Béni Mellal-Khénifra Region and has a population of 192,676 (2014 census). It sits at the foot of Jbel Tassemit (2247m), and next to the plains of Beni Amir.

What is the Kasaba of Beni Mellal?

The structure is near the spring of Ain Asserdoun, which means the source of the mule or the eye of the mule. The Kasaba and spring are said to have been projected to stand as a protection edifice. The city of Beni Mellal is affording the view of Beni Amir plain. Beni Mellal city is following the district and the typical Morocco weather.

How much rain does Beni Mellal get per year?

Rainfall can reach up to 500 mm (20 in) per year, snow can also fall in winter Beni Mellal is served by Beni Mellal Airport . In Beni Mellal is located Sultan Moulay Slimane University .

What is the Berrechid–Beni Mellal expressway?

The Berrechid–Beni Mellal expressway connects the region with the rest of the national expressway network, passing through the cities of Beni Mellal, Oued Zem and Khouribga as it heads northwest to Berrechid just south of Casablanca.

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