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What is benjys graveyard in The Sound and the Fury?

What is benjys graveyard in The Sound and the Fury?

The site that Dilsey and Luster both refer to as Benjy’s “graveyard” is among the most unusual (55, 56). It is under “a clump of cedar trees near the fence” (314). Benjy visits it in both the first and fourth sections of the novel, and probably on most other days as well.

How does Quentin Compson die?

After moving north to study at Harvard College, he eventually commits suicide by drowning himself in the Charles River.

Did Quentin sleep with caddy?

In his room, Quentin cleans a bloodstain off his vest and thinks about his mother. He remembers the time he told his father he had committed incest with Caddy, and that his father did not believe him. His father told Quentin that his feelings of despair about Caddy’s behavior would quickly pass.

Why is the sound and the fury so hard to read?

The Sound and the Fury is considered a rather difficult read. It’s written in four parts that overlap, interweave, and jump around in time. The story is told by different narrators who are not entirely reliable. Lastly, many people (I was once one of them) find stream of consciousness writing difficult to follow.

What happened to caddy in The Sound and the Fury?

Compson says, “God sees that I am doing right.” By the last section of the novel, Caddy has disappeared. As Faulkner said in “The Paris Review,” the novel is “a tragedy of two lost women: Caddy and her daughter.”

Who is Caddy in The Sound and the Fury?

Caddy is perhaps the most important figure in the novel, as she represents the object of obsession for all three of her brothers. As a child, Caddy is somewhat headstrong, but very loving and affectionate. She steps in as a mother figure for Quentin and Benjy in place of the self-absorbed Mrs.

Why does Quentin refuse to look at watches and clocks?

Why does Quentin refuse to look at watches and clocks? Quentin refuses to look at the time because the watch that his father gave him reminds him of his sister’s promiscuity and his own view on how his family has started their decline.

Why did Quentin Compson kill himself?

Therefore, he must kill himself so that he won’t have an opportunity to forget the horror and grief that he now feels over Caddy’s dishonor. If grief can be forgotten, then the world is meaningless, nothing is worth living for, and suicide is the only act left for man.

Is Quentin a boy or a girl in The Sound and the Fury?

The oldest of the Compson children and the narrator of the novel’s second chapter. A sensitive and intelligent boy, Quentin is preoccupied with his love for his sister Caddy and his notion of the Compson family’s honor. He commits suicide by drowning himself just before the end of his first year at Harvard.

Who is Miss Quentin’s father?

Dalton Ames

What is the meaning of The Sound and the Fury?

: loud and angry words that attract a lot of attention but do nothing useful The town meeting created lots of sound and fury, but no resolution.

Does Benjy die in The Sound and the Fury?

Benjy Compson is the younger brother od Caddy Compson, – The Sound and the Fury – but his death don’t appear inthis specific book.

Why is it called The Sound and the Fury?

Notoriously, intransigently difficult, the novel takes its title from Macbeth’s reflection that life is “a tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, / Signifying nothing”. It opens inside the mind of the “idiot”, Benjy, a 33-year-old man who has the mind of a small child.

How does the sound and the fury end?

The Sound and the Fury ends with the symbolic completion of the Compsons’ downfall, but also hints at the possibility of resurrection or renewal. Importantly, this last chapter takes place on Easter Sunday, the day of Christ’s resurrection and thus a powerful symbol of redemption and hope.

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