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What is controller rendering in Sitecore?

What is controller rendering in Sitecore?

A Sitecore Controller Rendering is more complex than a View Rendering, mainly in that it requires a controller action. The rendering definition item includes both a controller name and controller action to execute. The controller action is then responsible for returning the correct view.

How do I add controller render to Sitecore?

  1. Login to Sitecore Content editor. Go to Layouts->Renderings.
  2. Right click on Renderings, click on Insert->Controller Rendering. Enter the data values as shown below. Controller: Cart, Controller Action: List.
  3. Save and publish the item.

What are the two types of rendering most commonly used in MVC based Sitecore projects?

These two supported types of rendering are the most commonly used:

  • View Rendering. This rendering type is a Razor view. Sitecore provides a default controller and model for the view.
  • Controller Rendering. For this rendering type, you supply controller, model and view.

How many types of rendering are there in Sitecore?

In Sitecore, you have two options. Whether you are using a view rendering or a controller rendering, you can pass a custom model to the view as you would in standard ASP.NET MVC and simply call on its properties. The other option is to use Sitecore’s field helper together with a more generic model.

What is the difference between a view rendering and a controller rendering?

With view renderings, the rendering engine invokes a . cshtml file; with controller renderings, the rendering engine invokes an action method in a controller class. Logic in the action method of a controller renderings can invoke the View() method in the System.

What is rendering in MVC?

Render actions are methods that the view calls back in the controller. A strong design point about MVC is the neat separation of controller and view. In this regard, render actions just break this separation. Render actions are effective to use; balancing design with effective solutions is the developer’s job.

How do I make my controller render?

How to Create Sitecore Mvc Layout and Controller Rendering

  1. Create a Sitecore Page with MVC Layout and Controller.
  2. Create Layout at Sitecore.
  3. Set Sitecore location for new Layout file.
  4. Set Sitecore Mvc Layout’s cshtml file location.
  5. Create new DefaultLayout1.cshtml at visual studio.
  6. Sitecore Layout Detail.

What is rendering view?

Rendering a view means showing up a View eg html part to user or browser.

How do I get rendering parameters in Sitecore?

  1. Open the rendering item which is used to render our product description component say ‘ProdDescRendering’.
  2. Go to ‘Parameters Template’ field.
  3. Update the ‘Open Properties after Add’ field to ‘Yes’.
  4. Check the ‘Editable’ field option.
  5. Save and publish the item.

How do I render a view in Sitecore?

Create a view rendering in Sitecore MVC Go to Layouts->Renderings, right click on Renderings and select Insert->View Rendering. Give some name as MyviewRendering and with below mentioned field values. Path: Path to the razor view file i.e., “/Views/Shared/MyviewRendering.

Is rendered useless?

“To render” is “to give” or “to provide”, or, even better, “to cause to be or change”. For instance, services are rendered, and rendering fat is the process of melting it. So, to render something useless is to cause it be changed in a way that makes it without use.

What are Sitecore renderings?

Sitecore renderings are the way developers can render a page or a part of a page in Sitecore. Sitecore has many different types of renderings but when we work with MVC, the two main renderings you will be working with are view renderings and controller renderings.

How do I create a carousel using a Sitecore MVC controller?

Set the Controller field to “Carousel” (the same as your controller class name minus the word ‘Controller’) Go to the “Home” item, select presentation details and add the “Carousel (Controller Rendering)” rendering In this second of three posts I have covered how to build a carousel using a Sitecore MVC controller rendering.

Does Sitecore use MVC or razor?

A Sitecore provided standard controller will automatically build a model using the context of the current request. If a layout (visual file) has been assigned to the item (content), and the layout is using Razor, Sitecore will automatically switch to MVC and automatically provide the full model to the view file.

Can placeholders be rendered dynamically in Sitecore?

If your layout definition points to a view containing placeholders, – Sitecore will be able to render them dynamically, just as with layout, sub layouts and renderings. It is possible to extend the provided controller by using pipelines, allowing you to enrich the standard model.

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