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What is Fender Modern Player?

What is Fender Modern Player?

Modern Player Marauder. Fender has today announced a new series of guitars and basses at the more affordable end of their product range. The Modern Player Series mixes some traditional Fender designs with a few more-esoteric touches, notably including the revival of the Marauder body shape, last seen in the 1960s.

Where is the Fender Modern Player Telecaster made?

I’m here to talk to you about Fender’s budget Telecaster guitar, the made-in-China Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus. As I said, this is an affordable guitar, but it-s build to have the same distinct qualities and aesthetics known and loved about Fender guitars.

What does Fender player series mean?

The Player Series replaces the Standard Series and is the new foundational offering and first official step into Fender’s electric guitar product lines. Built for players who dream of taking their art to the next level, these guitars have a signature sound and classic look that only Fender’s iconic models can provide.

What pickups does Jonny Greenwood use?

As far as his gear goes, Jonny’s known for using Fender Telecaster Plus guitars almost exclusively. These guitars are equipped with Lace Sensor Blue and Red pickups, and the coil-split switch is modified to work as a signal kill-switch, leaving the two single-coil Reds to work as a humbucker.

Is there a short scale Telecaster?

The Modern Player Short Scale Telecaster – along with reducing the scale length to 610mm (24-inch) – shaves those dimensions down to 304mm and 379mm respectively.

What is the Fender Player Plus Series?

The Fender Player Plus Range is the successor of Fender’s popular Player series. The Fender Player Plus Series features some noticeable additions to an already great series of guitars such as new finishes and a new noiseless single-coil neck pickup, with the Fender Jazz Basses featuring noiseless jazz bass pickups.

Are Fender Starcasters good?

In our opinion, this Starcaster Strat electric guitar by Fender is brilliant for beginners. The quality of the sound is good although not as fine as the sound quality of the electric guitars at the higher price range. The sound, the feel and the playability are simply amazing and at that price, this guitar is a steal.

What is a Fender modern player Telecaster?

The Fender Modern Player Telecasters are mainly geared towards players who love the classic telecaster design but are looking for something tonally different and unique sounding. At affordable price points, these guitars sit well with collectors and players who are in the search for something a little bit out of the box.

Where is the Fender Telecaster Plus made?

Product Specs Brand Fender Model Modern Player Telecaster Plus Finish Charcoal Transparent Honey Burst Year 2012 – 2018 Made In China

What makes the Fender Tele plus so special?

Aside from its Swiss Army knife line-up of pickups, the new Tele Plus features an unusual pine body. Most Teles are hewn from alder or ash, but Leo Fender built some early Esquire models using pine. As a result, there are many pine-Tele obsessed toneheads around the world.

Is a Telecaster heavier than a Les Paul?

It’s a bit heavier but not as heavy as a Les Paul. How much does the Modern Player Telecaster weigh? While the weight of individual guitars always varies a little, the Modern Player Telecaster typically weighs around 7.5lbs (which is around 3.5 kilos).

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