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What is flashvars?

What is flashvars?

It’s a way to pass data or variables from html to a Flash movie. The general idea of FlashVars is very similar to a Query String. Variables passed via FlashVars will go into the _rootlevel of the Flash movie. Why and When to use Flash Vars

How do I use the flashvars variables in ActionScript?

In ActionScript 2.0, you can access the FlashVars variables directly, as if they had been declared in the SWF file itself. This example sets the text property of a dynamic text instance called text1 to the value of the variable called myVariable. myVariable is declared in the FlashVars parameter.

How do I add flashvars to a SWF file?

Note: The FlashVars feature requires Flash Player 6 or later. You can use an optional parameter named “FlashVars” to pass variables into the root level of the SWF file. Place this parameter within the tag or the older tag. All of these variables are then passed to the SWF file before the first frame of the file is played.

How secure is the data to be passed through flashvars?

The data to be passed is fairly simple. By simple, I mean simple text (such as user name, filename, id, or cookie info). You don’t care about the security of the data. Any user can easily see the content of the FlashVars by viewing the page source.

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