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What is housekeeping order taker?

What is housekeeping order taker?

Provide clerical/secretarial and administrative support for the housekeeping department, including typing, computer input, filing, tracing, answering telephones, printing reports, payroll, maintaining employee files and departmental record logs.

What are the positions in the housekeeping department?

Duties and Responsibilities of Housekeeping staff

  • Executive Housekeeper / Director of Housekeeping.
  • Deputy Housekeeper.
  • Assistant Housekeeper.
  • Floor Supervisors /Floor Housekeepers.
  • Public Area Supervisor.
  • Night Supervisor.
  • Evening Shift Supervisor.
  • Storekeeper.

Who is the head of housekeeping department in hotel?

Head Housekeeper is the title given the individual in charge of the entire Housekeeping department in a hotel. They may also go by other titles, including Housekeeper Manager, Director of Housekeeping and Executive Housekeeper.

What is IRD hotel management?

Standard Layout of Room Service / In-Room Dining (IRD) Majority of the lodging properties provide their guest with the opportunity to order and enjoy food in the privacy of their own rooms. The ordered food or beverage reaches the guest room either in a tray or on a room service trolley.

What are the 3 major functions of housekeeping?

Basic Functions The primary function of the housekeeping department is keeping the venue clean and sanitary as part of customer service. Maids and cleaners vacuum rugs and furniture in hallways, rooms and public areas. They collect trash and empty wastebaskets, change the sheets and make the beds.

Who is responsible of housekeeping department?

The head of housekeeping is responsible for scheduling staff, managing expenses, and ensuring all rooms and public areas meet the hotel’s standards of cleanliness. Rooms: All hotels have guestrooms, so all hotels have room attendants that are responsible for cleaning rooms during and after reservations.

Who is responsible to take guest orders?

Position Summary: As a Room Service Order Taker you are responsible to co-ordinate all service requirements addressed to Room Service department, Primarily responsible for guest orders from room or pool area via phone or any other ordering devices like mobile apps, TV etc.

What is the work of a carver?

A carver is a person who carves wood or stone, as a job or as a hobby.

What is full form IRD?

Inland Revenue Department (disambiguation), in some countries.

What is the full form of IRD in hotel?

In Room Dining (hotels) IRD.

Who is responsible to maintain the administration in housekeeping office?

The person who responsible to maintain the administration in Housekeeping Office is the Executive Housekeeper, Assistant Executive Housekeeper, all Supervisors and the order taker/office clerks. The order taker will in-charge for taking all guest requests, telephone calls (incoming and outgoing calls) all store items request, etc.

What is the room section in housekeeping department?

Room section is a very important section in Housekeeping Department because this section is responsible for maintaining the spotless and tips top condition of the guestrooms. The success of any organization, which provides accommodation, depends on good Housekeeping, especially in rooms.

Who is the public area supervisor in housekeeping?

The Public Area Supervisor is responsible for the smooth flow of work in this section and report to the Assistant Executive Housekeeper. To cover areas, the Houseman’s works are divided into several sections. The linen/uniform room section is very essential in Housekeeping Department.

Who does the executive housekeeper report to in a hotel?

The Executive Housekeeper reports to Executive Assistant Manager and General Manager. Housekeeping Department has a very close relation with other departments, especially the Front Office, in providing and maintaining the guestrooms and public areas into a safe and proper condition for the guest satisfactions.

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