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What is HTMLDOC?

What is HTMLDOC?

HTMLDOC is a program that reads HTML and Markdown source files or web pages and generates corresponding EPUB, HTML, PostScript, or PDF files with an optional table of contents. HTMLDOC was developed in the 1990’s as a documentation generator for my previous company, and has since seen a lot of usage as a report generator embedded in web servers.

Does HTMLDOC support unicode tables?

Tables: HTMLDOC supports HTML 3.2 tables with basic support for TBODY and THEAD. Unicode: While HTMLDOC does support UTF-8 for “Western” languages, there is absolutely no support for languages that require dynamic rewriting or right-to-left text formatting.

What can you do with CSS code?

The following list of CSS code examples illustrates different actions you can perform on page backgrounds. Learn to set colors or images as backgrounds and control the way they look on web sites. These CSS code examples manipulate borders of HTML elements.

Which element defines an HTML page in W3Schools?

The html element defines an HTML page. The html element defines an HTML page. W3Schools provides a JavaScript library for coloring code.

Is it legal to use

HTMLDOC includes code to encrypt PDF document files using the RC4 algorithm with up to a 128-bit key. While this software and code may be freely used and exported under current US laws, other countries may restrict your use and possession of this code and software.

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