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What is levocetirizine Hydrochloride used for?

What is levocetirizine Hydrochloride used for?

Levocetirizine is used to relieve runny nose; sneezing; and redness, itching, and tearing of the eyes caused by hay fever, seasonal allergies, and allergies to other substances such as dust mites, animal dander, and mold. It is also used to treat symptoms of hives, including itching and rash.

Who should not take levocetirizine?

You should not use levocetirizine if you are allergic to levocetirizine or cetirizine (Zyrtec). You should not take levocetirizine if you have end-stage kidney disease or if you are on dialysis. Any child younger than 12 years old with kidney disease should not take levocetirizine.

Does levocetirizine make you sleepy?

Levocetirizine is called a non-drowsy antihistamine; however, it can still cause drowsiness in a few people. Make sure your reactions are normal before you drive and before you use tools or machines.

Why is levocetirizine taken in the evening?

A child’s body absorbs twice as much of the same dose size of levocetirizine as an adult’s body. Taking more of this medication will not make it more effective, and may cause severe drowsiness. Levocetirizine is usually taken in the evening, with or without food.

What is levocetirizine side effects?

Side effects of levocetirizine include:

  • dry mouth.
  • fatigue.
  • runny or stuffy nose.
  • sore throat.
  • central nervous system depression.
  • drowsiness.
  • sedation.
  • dizziness.

Is levocetirizine good for dry cough?

Levocetirizine+Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide is used in the treatment of dry cough.

Does levocetirizine cause liver problems?

Levocetirizine is an over-the-counter nonsedating antihistaminic agent commonly used to treat allergic diseases. Clinically significant acute liver injury has been very rarely associated with its use. Only 2 cases of acute liver injury associated with levocetirizine have been reported in the literature.

Can levocetirizine cause kidney problems?

Warnings for people with certain conditions For people with kidney disease: More of this drug may stay in your body for a longer time. This raises your risk of side effects. Don’t use this drug if you have severe kidney problems or are on hemodialysis.

Is levocetirizine a antibiotic?

Is levocetirizine an antibiotic? Levocetirizine is an antihistamine that decreases the effects of histamine, a natural chemical in the body. Symptoms like a runny nose or hives may be caused by histamine.

Can levocetirizine cause high blood pressure?

high blood pressure (hypertension) difficult or painful urination. urinary retention. impotence.

Which is better cetirizine or levocetirizine?

Both cetirizine and levocetirizine showed significant improvement in nPEFR in comparison with the placebo group, and ceterizine appeared to be more efficacious than levocetirizine. The 12-week treatment program showed that cetirizine was more effectious than levocetirizine.

Is levocetirizine an antibiotic?

What is levocetirizine prescribed for?

Prescription levocetirizine oral tablet is used to treat the symptoms of seasonal and year-round allergies. It’s also used to relieve itching caused by hives (patches of red, swollen, itchy skin).

How to pronounce cetirizine HCl?

A headache,sore throat,abdominal pain,fatigue,drowsiness,or coughing.

  • Generally does not cause drowsiness,although more likely to do so at higher dosages.
  • The dosage of cetirizine should be reduced in kidney disease and caution should be exercised when cetirizine is used in people with seizure disorders.
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