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What is meant by strike-slip fault?

What is meant by strike-slip fault?

Strike-slip faults are vertical (or nearly vertical) fractures where the blocks have mostly moved horizontally. If the block opposite an observer looking across the fault moves to the right, the slip style is termed right lateral; if the block moves to the left, the motion is termed left lateral.

What is sinistral strike-slip fault?

Definition: Fault with left-lateral strike-parallel displacement component of slip vector more than 10 times the dip-parallel component of the slip vector at at least one location along the fault, and left-lateral displacement over more than half the mapped trace of the fault.

What does fault mean dictionary?

Definition of fault 1a : weakness, failing especially : a moral weakness less serious than a vice He loves her despite her many faults. b : a physical or intellectual imperfection or impairment : defect a theory with some serious faults.

How do you use sinistral in a sentence?

1. Sinistral individuals exhibit dominance of the left hand and eye. 2. Both of them were offset by large – sized sinistral move of the Tanlou fault in Mesozoic.

What is the example of strike-slip fault?

strike-slip fault – a fault on which the two blocks slide past one another. The San Andreas Fault is an example of a right lateral fault.

What is meant by dextral and sinistral?

Sinistral and dextral, in some scientific fields, are the two types of chirality (“handedness”) or relative direction. The terms are derived from the Latin words for “left” (sinister) and “right” (dexter).

Is the San Andreas Fault a dextral or sinistral?

Its motion is right-lateral strike-slip (horizontal). Crustal blocks may also move sideways past each other, usually along nearly-vertical faults. This ‘strike-slip’ movement is described as sinistral when the far side moves to the left, and dextral, when the far side moves to the right.

Can’t be faulted meaning?

verb. If you cannot fault someone, you cannot find any reason for criticizing them or the things that they are doing. You can’t fault them for lack of invention. [

What is the opposite of sinistral?

sinistraladjective. preferring to use left foot or hand or eye. “sinistral individuals exhibit dominance of the left hand and eye” Antonyms: ambidextrous, dextrorsal, dexter, right-handed, dextral, two-handed, dextrorse.

What is the definition of Larboard?

larboard in American English (ˈlɑrbərd ; ˈlɑrˌbɔrd ) noun. the left-hand side of a ship as one faces forward; port.

What is the meaning of sinistral?

Definition of sinistral. : of, relating to, or inclined to the left: such as. a : left-handed.

What is sinsinistral fault?

sinistral fault (left lateral fault)The sense of displacement in a strike-slip faultzone where one block is displaced to the left of the block from which the observation is made. A Dictionary of Earth Sciences

What is a sinistral transcurrent fault?

Strike-slip faults with left-lateral motion are also known as sinistral faults. The ENE–WSW dextral and NW-SE sinistral faults that are observed in the St.Lawrence Lowlands are also attributed to Taconian compression. Another sinistral transcurrent fault has recently been described byBurton from Malaya.

What is sinistral and dextral circuit?

Sinistral: Having the aperture of the shell at the left; opposite of dextral. The sinistral circuit is one in which the center is on the left hand, while the dextral circuit has its center to the right.

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