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What is postal code of Mussafah?

What is postal code of Mussafah?

zip code Of Abu Dhabi Mussafah Industrial City M26

Pincode :
Address : Abu Dhabi Mussafah Industrial City M26
Country : United Arab Emirates

Does Emirates Post deliver on Saturday?

Starting today, Emirates Post Customer Happiness Centres in Dubai will operate from 9 am to 2 pm only (with no afternoon shifts) and will close over the weekend (Fridays & Saturdays). Delivery and courier services continue as normal.

Does Emirates post work on Friday?

Post offices in Dubai (and other emirates) are closed on Fridays and public holidays.

What is the pin code of Sharjah?

Pin Code Of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates is 341246.

How do I send a letter to Abu Dhabi?

Purchase any envelope which suits you for your contents and go the post office. If it is an ordinary post the post office clerk gives you postal stamps according to the fee of the country where you are sending it and you have to affix the stamps of your envelope and post it in the designated box.

How do you address a letter to the UAE?

All mail must include the full address, including the addressee’s post office box number, the relevant emirate (e.g., Dubai), and the country name “United Arab Emirates.” All mail must display the addressee’s mobile telephone number and email address, if available.

Why Dubai has no address system?

Dubai and the UAE has address system and postal system. Empost is the national postal service available for the residents. But it doesn’t have zip codes for towns and places, instead uses personal post box no. for both individuals and businesses.

Does Emirates Post deliver to House?

Dubai: The country will have a new address system that will enable the postal authorities to offer complete doorstep delivery services, a top government official said. “We will be able to deliver every mail to the doorstep of every home and company.” …

What is my PO Box number Dubai?

Current and historical list of public PO box numbers (confirm accuracy direct with EPG)

Emirate or City 2003 list 2019 check
Dubai, Bur Dubai, Karama CPO PO Box 333388 PO Box 111311
Dubai, Deira Main PO Box 444488 PO Box 88878
Fujairah CPO PO Box 888888 PO Box 3999
Ras Al Khaimah CPO PO Box 999988 PO Box 30999

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