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What is shimmery paper called?

What is shimmery paper called?

Metallic Paper, Metallic Cardstock – All kinds of Shimmer Pearlescent Paper.

What is shimmer paper?

What’s the difference between metallic, pearlescent, and shimmer paper? Nothing! They are three common terms for the same thing – papers with a mica infused, shimmery, iridescent coating. Shop all Metallic Papers, Pockets & Envelopes.

What is metallic paper?

Metallic finish prints have a pearlescent effect embedded into the paper itself, which adds a luxurious brilliance to your images. Metallic finish almost creates a 3D effect and gives your photos a warmth and depth that no other paper can. Metallic paper is also really durable.

What is metallic pearl paper?

The pearl white metallic paper features the ability to bring subtle, but attention-catching finish to your design or artworks. It is under Shimmer Metallic Paper line, which is known for offering beauty in a visually and tactile manner. The paper is smooth to the touch and shimmery to the eyes.

What is 70lb paper?

In truth the 70 lb. weight refers to 500 sheets of 25×38″ paper and the 65 lb. weight refers to 500 sheets of 20×26″ paper.

What is metallic shimmer?

Metallic shimmer is a shiny color that looks like that of a polished metal. The metallic shine cannot be mimicked by a simple solid color, since the shiny effect is attributable to the material’s luster varying with the surface angle to the source of light. Colors of Metallic Shimmer.

What is the best metallic paper?

Our metallic paper is true photographic print with a distinctive, eye-catching, super glossy, metallic look. There is no better way to produce metallic prints than using silver halide and there is no better metallic paper than the Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic Paper.

What are metallic prints best for?

According to the manufacturers, the metallic photo paper is ideal for printing photos of metals, reflections, bright and vibrant colors, black and white images, and landscapes. Ideally, it’s best to choose the pictures with lots of tones and details, as these look best with a metallic finish.

Can you print on metallic cardstock?

Printing on metallic paper is slightly different than printing on normal, matte paper, especially when you print at home. The trick is to use a laser printer, not an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers use wet ink, which can have trouble adhering to the metallic finish of your paper.

What is GSM 110lb paper?

298 gsm
110 lb cover weight/ 298 gsm card stock is found in the Classic Crest card stock and it is a favorite with our customers!

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