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What is stereonet in geology?

What is stereonet in geology?

A stereonet is a lower hemisphere graph on to which a variety of geological data can be plotted. Stereonets are used in many different branches of geology and can be used in a range of ways beyond those which are discussed here (see references for further uses).

What does a stereonet show?

Stereonets are a graphical tool representing the hemisphere of a globe, used for presentation, analysis and interpretation of three-dimensional directional data such as planes and lines. A plane will cut the sphere forming a line (great circle) on the sphere’s surface, whereas a line will generate a point.

How do you plot dip and dip on a stereonet?

When plotting the plunge of a line, you counted inward on the line that connects North- South. However, the dip direction is 90° away from the strike direction. If your plane is east-dipping, count grid squares inward from the East side of the straight line that connects East-West on the stereonet.

What software do you use for structural geology?

SOLVCALC – ternary feldspar solvus and two-feldspar geothermometry AMP-TB – amphibole thermobarometry for calc-alkaline magmas Stereonet and other Structural Geology Software by Allmendinger SG2PS – Structural Geology plotting

How does stereonet handle text with different localizations?

Importing text files and clipboard text with different localizations than the host computer is now more robust. This means that Stereonet should correctly interpret the decimal separator (a period in some countries, a comma in many others).

What is stereonet and faultkin used for?

Stereonet:General purpose stereographic projection program for plotting lines, planes, density contouring, rotations, etc. FaultKin:For kinematic analysis (P axes, P-T dihedra, fault plane solutions, etc.) of fault populations; includes basic database functions.

Is stereonet compatible with modern operating systems?

This version of Stereonet is compatible with all modern operating systems and has a modern user interface which has been modeled after OSXStereonet for Mac by Nestor Cardozo and me. It can read and write older Stereonet text files, can read the Stereonet 11 binary files, but saves its data in a new binary format. Provide Stereonet Feedback

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