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What is the brainstorm green needle?

What is the brainstorm green needle?

The resurfaced “brainstorm” or “green needle” debate involves a 2012 video of a review of toys from the children’s television show Ben 10 Alien Force. The creator of the video told The Telegraph in London that the toy is programmed to say the word “brainstorm,” but not everyone is hearing it that way.

How do you properly brainstorm?

Here are Keeney’s four steps to effective brainstorming:

  1. Lay out the problem you want to solve.
  2. Identify the objectives of a possible solution.
  3. Try to generate solutions individually.
  4. Once you have gotten clear on your problems, your objectives and your personal solutions to the problems, work as a group.

Who made this must be heaven?

BrainstormThis Must Be Heaven / ArtistBrainstorm was an American funk and R&B band active in the late 1970s, based in Detroit, Michigan. Their debut album, Stormin’, was their best-selling album, and was released in 1977 on Tabu Records, executive-produced by Clarence Avant and produced by Jerry Peters. Wikipedia

Can you still say brainstorm?

So now the expression brainstorming has been banned. And in future, meetings to generate new ideas will be referred to as ‘thought showers’. People thought it was a great word to describe the coming together and discussion of ideas. ‘

What are the examples of brainstorming?

Here’s an example: Say, you work in the design team of a consumer goods company. Your organization is launching a new product and your team is responsible for packaging. Now, your manager will most likely schedule a brainstorming session where you can play around with potential designs.

How can I hear Laurel instead of Yanny?

By turning down the treble and turning up the bass, you should be able to hear Laurel. Don’t worry too much about the state of your hearing if you’re a Laurel person. Variations in high frequency perception are normal between person to person.

What group sang this must be heaven?

BrainstormThis Must Be Heaven / Artist

What can I use instead of brainstorm?


  • contrivance,
  • creativity,
  • fancy,
  • fantasy.
  • (also phantasy),
  • ideation,
  • imagination,
  • imaginativeness,

What do you call brainstorming now?

What is Look Around you-2015?

Look Around You – 2015 is a television series about various different places in the world. Each week the host will take you to a new destination, giving the history of the township, and the unique features only this place can offer you. Just take a deep breath in and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Was anyone else surprised that brainstorm wasn’t a book?

– I was surprised that ‘Brainstorm’ wasn’t based on a book, because it has that condensed and episodic feel of a movie trying to cover more ground than is really feasible in a two-hour feature. Imagine if ‘Jurassic Park’ was mostly about the possibilities of cloning in general and didn’t get around to the rampaging dinosaurs until the climax.

How many minutes are in Brainstorm?

Brainstorm  (1,277) Logo Imdb Outline Logo Imdb Outline 6.41 h 46 min1983PG Research scientists Louise Fletcher and Christopher Walken invent a machine that can record sensory experiences only to have devastating results when Fletcher records her own death. Directors

Is brainstorm a good movie with good special effects?

Yes- Brainstorm was directed by Douglas Trumbull, who had a long career in special effects. The effects do not overwhelm this film, but rather do exactly what they are supposed to do: support the story and make the impossible look real.

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