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What is the cash cow code word?

What is the cash cow code word?

Cash Cow Code Word – 3 May.

What is the code word for Sunrise cash cow?

Watch Sunrise for the daily code word. Then call 1902 55 77 07 or SMS the code, your full name and address to 19 777 077. Single SMS entries will be charged at the premium rate of $0.55 (including GST). (Mobile calls to 1902 are extra.)

Did someone win the cash cow today?

NSW’s Norma Douaihy answered the call to score the monster $70,000 jackpot on Wednesday. When asked by David Koch why she was “a bit slow to answer the phone”, her hilarious admission had ‘Kochie’ and co-host Natalie Barr losing it. “I actually fell asleep on the lounge,” Norma replied.

What time is cash cow today?

Most Cash Cow champs are called between 5:30 am, and 9 am AEST. However, victors don’t need to say anything specific when they answer the phone. Just answer like they normally do with any other call.

Who is the cash cow Sunrise?

Security guard halts live Sunrise cross A very honest Sunrise viewer has made a hilarious admission on live television after winning a massive Cash Cow jackpot. Norma Douaihy from NSW answered her phone in the nick of time to claim the $70,000 prize on Wednesday’s episode of the Seven breakfast program.

How do Telstra customers enter cash cow?

The Cash Cow number you posted is the number to enter via sms. You can’t enter by ringing anymore. You can still enter via SMS (19 777 077) or smartphone.”

What is the Today show cash giveaway number?

To enter: SMS your full name, the weekly code word and your full address to 199 55 901. Entry charge $0.55. Mercury Helpline 1300 914 815 OR Participants can use their smartphone to log on to

Did Sunrise cash cow go off?

The Cash Cow has gone on her annual Christmas break! But don’t worry, she will be returning in 2022 with new ways to enter that will be available to all Sunrise viewers across Australia. We’ll be announcing these exciting new changes early in the new year.

Who has won Sunrise cash cow?

Peter Klekner
A Queensland retiree who had unsuccessfully entered the Sunrise Cash Cow competition “for years” says he’s going to pay off his phone bill after finally hitting the jackpot. Peter Klekner from Brisbane answered his phone within three rings on Tuesday to scoop the Channel seven breakfast show’s huge $100,000 cash prize.

What time do Entries close for cash cow?

Special note: Each day, our Cash Cow phone lines (or, milking queues) close at 4.30pm.

Is Cashcow real?

A cash cow is a company or business unit in a mature slow-growth industry. Cash cows have a large share of the market and require little investment.

Is the cash cow still going?

There was no editorial decision made to drop the Cash Cow, but instead he has been forced off the air due to recent changes in SMS premium services. Telstra lists the Cash Cow under the category of ‘premium SMS entertainment services’, which customers will not be able to use anymore.

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