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What is the cosmos II Ultra Tower?

What is the cosmos II Ultra Tower?

The COSMOS II Ultra Tower features a streamlined design accentuated by a pair of distinctive handles like no other. The smooth, brushed aluminum touch of the side panels unlock and swing open like the doors of a luxurious race-car. Hidden behind the front slide cover lies a stack of hot-swappable drive bays.

Will a full tower fit in the Cooler Master Cosmos II?

There was either a staggering amount of protective foam inside the box, or a normal full tower could fit inside the Cosmos II! In a bit we’ll crack the box open and check things out, but first let’s look at the specifications and features, copied directly from Cooler Master’s web site.

What makes the cosmos II a “dream case”?

A second slide cover on top hides the Advanced Control Panel to manage up to 10 fans and their respective LED lights. The combination of its elegant looks, numerous expansion options and features make the COSMOS II a “Dream Case”.

What accessories are included with the cosmos II?

The accessories included with the Cosmos II. Four keys, five reusable cable routing ties with double-stick foam on their base, a stack of one time use cable ties, a CPU power cable extender, a piezo buzzer / speaker, two rails of unknown function and a well sized pile of screws and standoffs.

Is the Cooler Master Cosmos II worth $349?

The Cooler Master Cosmos II is marketed as an ultra high-end, extremely well-built case with an almost complete feature-set designed to house the best and most of everything a PC enthusiast would desire. For US$349, it better. The Cosmos was one of Cooler Master’s largest and most popular cases.

What is the cosmos II made of?

The exterior is a mix of a aluminum, plastic, and mesh, but the steel interior is what constitutes most of the Cosmos II’s 47 lb bulk. With the case being both supremely massive and heavy, the handle bars at the top are actually a necessary feature as it would be incredibly difficult to lift otherwise. Accessories.

Is the cosmos II worth the price?

In the extreme-high-end market the Cosmos II is towards the top price wise, but is also right up at the top when it comes to features. I would like it to be a bit cheaper or to have a more advanced fan controller; the included controller works decently, but in a $350 case I’d like to see something snazzier or at least higher capacity.

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