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What is the first chapter of Arshi FF about?

What is the first chapter of Arshi FF about?

ArShi FF: The Search for Happiness… Chapter 1 The story begins as Garima’s mistake from long ago is revealed by Arnav’s grandmother at her stepdaughter Khushi’s wedding ceremony. The groom doesn’t show up for the ceremony, leaving Khushi waiting at the mandap, confident of his eventual return.

What happened to Khushi in Arshi FF?

KHUSHI !!! he cried into his hands helplessly. Meanwhile, far away, an ambulance dashes to the hospital, taking a bleeding Khushi with her distraught Buaji, praying to the Gods for help. ArShi FF: The Search for Happiness… Chapter 1

Did Arnav really love Khushi?

But although everyone resented Arnav for his cruel treatment of Khushi; they also knew he loved her immensely and was cruelly denied the opportunity to make it up to her by Dadi’s untimely revelation. Two weeks after Khushi’s disappearance, Arnav left his office mid day, and walked into Garima’s house in Laxmi Nagar.

Why did Akaash put his hand on Arnav’s shoulder?

To have the furious energy and urgency to dash through the whole city in search, but crippling panic keeping his limbs paralysed, Arnav was a study in misery. Akaash put a gentle hand on his shoulder, ‘ Bhai, come.

What are Arnav and Khushi stuck among?

Arnav and Khushi, both are stuck among those peoples. Peep to know more… Wounded by Arnav’s hurtful words, Khushi takes a drastic step. Will Arnav get a chance to fix his mistake, or is it too late?

What was Avish’s relationship with Khushi like?

So overtime, living under the same roof, sharing the same family forced them into an understanding, a friendship of the sorts. But like it happened with other people, Avish too found his life revolving around Khushi one fine day. She was not someone you can resent for long and he had understood that slowly.

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