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What is the meaning of muito legal?

What is the meaning of muito legal?

Translations for „muito legal“ in the Portuguese » English Dictionary (Go to English » Portuguese) ela é muito legal. she is really cool.

What language is È muito Bem Vindo?

English Translation of “bem-vindo” | Collins Portuguese-English Dictionary.

What is the meaning of Tudo bem com você?

you number send me. Last Update: 2019-11-22.

What language is this não Entendi?

não entendi – Translation from Portuguese into English | PONS.

What language is muito?

English Translation of “muito” | Collins Portuguese-English Dictionary.

What does legal mean in Brazil?

Legal. Literally: “Legal” There are seemingly infinite ways to say “cool” or “great” in Brazilian Portuguese, and they differ by region. However, legal is the dominant word, used commonly from North to South of Brazil. Legal (lay-gow) literally means “legal”, but it is used to declare all things cool or awesome.

What language is Bine Ati Venit?

bine ati venit [Romanian] | SpreadTheSign.

What is the correct response to Tudo bem?

If you want to say “How is it going?” you ask tudo bem? (“too-du bayn“,) and the response is tudo bom (“too-du bom“) or again tudo bem (“too-du bayn“), ie “Everything’s good. It’s going well.” If you want to get more colorful, your response could be beleza (“bell-ay-za“), which is to say “Everything’s beautiful.”

How do you respond to Tudo bem in Portuguese?

How to reply to Tudo bem? The most common way to answer is to simply say: Tudo. You can also say: Tudo bem. And you can be nice and ask back: E você?

Where is Entendi located?

Já Entendi was founded by Gladys Mariotto and Wagner Bonfiglio in 2011 and is based in Curitiba, Brazil.

How do you use muito?

When the word muito is followed by a noun They are all nouns and the word muito is going to change according to them. If you have a noun that is masculine singular, you will use muito: Eles têm muito frio (lit. They have a lot of cold)

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