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What is the problem with dual flush toilets?

What is the problem with dual flush toilets?

Dual-flush toilets usually have a mechanical valve with a rubber seal in the cistern that opens to allow water to flow when flushed. That rubber seal can rapidly deteriorate, says Tucker. And even if it doesn’t, debris like porcelain or grit can easily obstruct it, causing the water to flow continuously.

Why does my Caroma toilet keep running?

If debris is causing the valve to ‘stick’, water can continually flow into the tank. The tank has an overflow tube installed for just this reason, so that water will drain from the overflow tube into your bowl rather than causing a leak in the bathroom. the seals in the inlet valve have worn and need replacement.

How do I know what model Caroma toilet I have?

The first step in choosing the right parts for your toilet is to identify which series you have. In many cases, the series name will be embossed or molded into the underside of the tank lid. If it is not, you may try identifying your toilet by comparing the tank to the stock photos below.

Are dual flush toilets harder to maintain?

These toilets are not as simple to maintain as a traditional toilet because they have dual flushing mechanisms. This can lead to more costly repairs down the road. Less water means less rinsing of the interior of the bowl, which can lead to more frequent cleaning of the toilet.

How long do dual flush toilets last?

The best option, if you’re remodeling, is to go ahead and buy a dual-flush toilet. They are more costly, but it may be a relatively small percentage of your overall budget, and they can last for 50 years or more. Some use as little as 0.8 gallons of water per flush.

Where are Caroma toilets made?

After 60 years, Caroma is still manufacturing some of its products in Australia, with plants in Norwood, South Australia, and Wetherill Park, New South Wales. One Caroma factory makes vitreous china toilet pans and cisterns, the main raw material being clay.

Is dual flush toilet worth it?

A dual flush toilet drives lower water usage in your home, thereby saving money on your monthly water bill. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 4,000 gallons of water can be saved annually in homes that use dual flush toilets.

Is there a video tutorial for a Caroma dual flush toilet?

There is a very useful web site of Caroma Video Tutorials, showing maintenance for a Caroma Dual Flush Toilet, including how to adjust the water level and replace the flush valve. They also have videos explaining the differences between the Australian technology in the Caroma and standard North American toilets.

Is a dual flush toilet cistern a smart idea?

Some smart ideas are mechanical. The dual flush toilet cistern is one of these. You can save a considerable amount of water to help the environment (and perhaps save some money) with a properly installed unit. These units have two buttons: one for a full flush and one for half, as required by the user.

What size cistern do I need for a 4 star rating?

A stylish 4.5/3L (adjustable to 9/4.5L), integrated plastic cistern. Features low profile lid design, with chrome bezel and buttons. To achieve a WELS 4 star rating this cistern should be installed with 4/3.5L connector Smartflush® pan

Why choose Caroma?

With an equal focus on sustainability and flushing technology, Caroma leads the way in protecting t our planet’s natural resources, without sacrificing performance.

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