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What is the question of railway exam?

What is the question of railway exam?

Railway RRB Group D Exams – 100 Important GA Questions

Question Answer
The elements 19 to 36 come under which period of the periodic table? 4th period
The Fuse wire is made of Lead-Tin Alloy
The pH value of Vinegar is – around 2.5
Thermacol is made using – Polystyrene made from the monomer styrene

What is syllabus for railway exam?

RRB NTPC Syllabus and Exam Pattern

RRB NTPC Syllabus
Quantitative Aptitude Reasoning Ability General Awareness
Ratio and Proportion Data Sufficiency Common Abbreviations
Mensuration Statement and Conclusion Important Government Organizations
Speed, Time and Distance Blood Relation Indian Polity and Governance

What is RRB NTPC question paper?

Previous Year RRB NTPC Question Paper PDF with Answers

RRB NTPC All Shift Question Paper PDF Download Download Link
NTPC Question Paper 27th April 2016 shift 1 Download PDF
NTPC Question Paper 28th April 2016 shift 3 Download PDF
NTPC Question Paper 29th March 2016 shift 2 Download PDF

How can I prepare for railway exam?

RRB Preparation | General Awareness

  1. Reading the newspaper every day is a crucial habit that one must develop and also watching the news.
  2. Candidates should stay updated about national and international events with more emphasis on domestic affairs.
  3. About 1-2 Mock Tests of the RRB Exam must be taken every day.

Are the Railways Group D previous year exam papers available offline?

As you can see, the Railways Group D Previous Year Exam Papers are available in an offline format. With the latest exam pattern being a Computer Based Test, it has become very important that you prepare for the upcoming exam by practicing with some RRB Group D Online Test Series so that you become familiar with the format of the exam.

Why do we use model papers for railway NTPC exam?

Using model papers you can take a mock test to obtain an idea of your performance before the official exam commencement. Railway NTPC model papers help you to get to know the estimated marks in the sample test. Using the marks, candidates can get alerted to improve their performance.

How to prepare for railway RRB NTPC exam?

Those candidates who are going to appear for the Railway RRB NTPC exam can use the uploaded papers and practice sets for the preparation of the same exam. Solving the Railway NTPC exam papers and model test papers candidates would know the different aspects of the exam set by the officials.

How many questions are in the memory-based RRB NTPC question paper?

The memory-based RRB NTPC question paper consists of 100 questions from three sections. Candidates can find memory based RRB NTPC previous year question papers with solutions, in the PDFs given below:

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