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What is the salary of SCRA?

What is the salary of SCRA?

For the 1st and 2nd years, it will be INR 9100/- per month. In the 3rd year, it will be INR 9400/- per month….UPSC SCRA 2021- Salary.

Period Salary/Stipend
First Year INR 9100/- per month
Second Year INR 9100/- per month
Third Year INR 9400/- per month
Fourth Year (First Half) INR 9400/- per month

Is SCRA A exam?

SCRA (Special Class Railway Apprentice) is an entrance exam, which is held by UPSC for giving jobs to candidates in Railway Department. It is a royal job that provides handsome remuneration and security to candidates.

How many seats are there in SCRA?

There are total 42 seat in S.C.R.A exam.. S.C.R.A exam is conducted by U.P.S.C once in a year..

Is SCRA closed?

NEW DELHI: Railways has decided to close down the Special Class Railway Apprentice Examination (SCRA). After examining the various aspects of the issue, the Railways decided in favour of discontinuation of the SCRA and communicated the same to UPSC.

Will SCRA be conducted in 2020?

UPSC will conduct the SCRA 2022 to select the candidates for admission in undergraduate program offered at Indian Railways Institute. However, it is not confirmed that the exam will be held in the year 2022 as it has been discontinued from the 2015 onwards.

What is the special class railway apprentice exam?

Conducted by Union Public Service Commission [UPSC], the Special Class Railway Apprentice exam is an entry ticket for candidates who want to study mechanical engineering in the Indian Railway Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. To be eligible to appear in the SCRA examination, one has complete 10+2 from a recognised board.

What is the allowance for special class railway apprentices in Baroda?

During their stay at the Railway Staff College, Baroda, Special Class Apprentices will be granted daily allowance at full rates for the entire period of their training at the college. Leave: Special Class Railway Apprentices may be granted leave on full stipend for a period not exceeding one month in any year of apprenticeship.

How to become an apprentices in railway?

Apprentices would train at their railway’s largest workshop (i.e. Jamalpur Locomotive Workshop) and for one year in United Kingdom. The selected candidates were required to appear in the mechanical engineering degree examination held by Engineering Council (London).

What is the role of SCRA apprentices in Indian Railways?

As they are posted directly as Group A officer they rapidly goes higher up in the ladder to become senior administrators of Indian Railways. Not only that SCRA Apprentices are trained at Railways expense, they are paid stipend at the following rates along with DA applicable:

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