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What is the syllabus of corporate law?

What is the syllabus of corporate law?

Corporate Law Undergraduate Courses Syllabus- BBA LLB (Hons. ):

Law of Contracts I Business Organisation
Organizational Behaviour Constitutional Law II
Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making Business Economics II (Macro)
Law of Crimes (IPC) Constitutional Law I
Company Law I Language Lab

Can I do LLB in corporate law?

Corporate Law Eligibility Criteria The eligibility criteria for the Corporate Law course offered at the PG level is such that candidates should have completed a five year integrated law course or possess an LLB or equivalent degree.

What is corporate law and governance?

Corporate law dictates the formation and the activities of corporations, while corporate governance regulates the balancing of interests among a business’s different stakeholders. Corporate law and governance therefore directly shapes what businesses do and how they do it.

Do corporate lawyers need math?

In general corporate law practice does not require higher math skills. However, good math skills are very helpful in any area of the law that deals with damages or financial transactions .

Can corporate lawyer become judge?

A lawyer can become a Judge of Lower Court after qualifying the Judicial Services Examination held every year. 2. Further, a lawyer with 7 years experience in High Court is eligible to appear in Higher Judicial Services and if selected, he/she is appointed as Additional District Judge.

Is corporate law a good career?

Working as a corporate lawyer could be a very rewarding and profitable career path. It’s a must to examine for a few years, so be ready for exhausting work and sacrifice. You will want to get certified, acquire expertise, after which proceed your skilled improvement and examine in your specialism in corporate law.

What type of lawyer pays most?

Here Are The 5 Types Of Lawyers That Make The Most Money

  • Corporate Lawyer – $98,822 annually.
  • Tax Attorneys – $99,690 annually.
  • Trial Attorneys – $101,086.
  • IP Attorneys – $140,972 annually.
  • Medical Lawyers – $150,881 annually.

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