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What is Tobradex eye ointment used for?

What is Tobradex eye ointment used for?

This medication is used to treat or prevent eye infections. This medication contains two drugs. Tobramycin belongs to a class of drugs called aminoglycoside antibiotics. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria.

What are the side effects of Tobradex eye drops?

Common side effects of Tobradex include:

  • eye redness,
  • discomfort,
  • burning,
  • stinging,
  • irritation,
  • itching;
  • eyelid itching/swelling,
  • blurred vision, or.

When do you use Tobradex eye drops?

Adults: One drop instilled into the conjunctival sac(s) every 4 to 6 hours while the patient is awake. During the initial 24 to 48 hours, the dosage may be increased to one drop every two hours while the patient is awake. Dosing should continue for 14 days not to exceed a maximum of 24 days.

Is Tobradex good for eye infection?

Tobradex (tobramycin / dexamethasone) is a steroid-antibiotic combination eye medication that effectively treats eye inflammation and bacterial infections but can cause high eye pressure and eye injury if used for a long time.

How long does it take for Tobradex ointment to work?

Most often the four times daily dosage can be tapered after 4 to 5 more days of treatment and the ointment discontinued. Most bacterial infections will show some improvement using TobraDex for 2 to 3 days. If the infection shows no improvement within 2 to 3 days, consider culturing or changing to another medication.

Is Tobradex good for styes?

Tobradex ® is a combination of (dexamethasone) steroid and tobramycin antibiotic. This combination is used both to prevent or treat eye infection and to dampen inflammation. It is often used to treat blepharitis, styes (lid pimples), or any lid surgery or other eye procedures.

How long does it take for Tobradex to work?

This medication should start having effects within 1 to 2 hours; however, you may not see the effects of this medication outwardly. Your animal should begin feeling better within 1 to 2 days. The effects of this medication are short-lived, meaning they will stop working within 24 hours.

Can Tobradex cause high blood pressure?

Non-ocular adverse events occurring at an incidence of 0.5% to 1% included headache and increased blood pressure.

How long does it take Tobradex to work?

Can Tobradex be used for a stye?

Can Tobradex cause blindness?

This medicine should not be used to treat a red eye that has not been diagnosed by a doctor, as inappropriate use can cause blindness.

Is Tobradex used for stye?

Tobradex ointment is a particular type of eye ointment that contains both antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicines. It is very helpful for causing rapid improvement in blepharitis symptoms. It is less useful in styes unless the stye is inflamed.

How to use Tobradex ophthalmic (eye)?

How to use TobraDex ophthalmic (eye) To apply eyedrops, wash your handsfirst. To avoid contamination, do not touch the dropper tip or let it touch your eyeor any other surface. Shake the bottle well before each dose. Do not wear contact lenseswhile you are using this medicine.

What is Tobradex used to treat?

It is used to treat infections caused by bacteria only. Do not use Tobradex for mycobacterial infections of the eye. Tell your doctor if you are allergic to any aminoglycoside antibiotics (including gentamicin, streptomycin, tobramycin, others).

What is the incidence of adverse reactions to Tobrex® (tobramycin ophthalmic solution)?

Exact incidence figures are not available. The most frequent adverse reactions to topical ocular tobramycin TOBREX ® (tobramycin ophthalmic solution) are hypersensitivity and localized ocular toxicity, including lid itching and swelling, and conjunctival erythema. These reactions occur in less than 4% of patients.

What are the side effects of Tobradex?

Serious side effects are not expected to occur with the use of Tobradex. Some burning, stinging, irritation, itching, redness, blurred vision, eyelid itching, eyelid swelling, or sensitivity to light may occur. Long-term use of Tobradex could lead to glaucoma, nerve damage in the eye, or cataract formation.

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