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What is toffee malt?

What is toffee malt?

Overview. Toffee Malt is made by taking a lower to mid-range nitrogen winter or autumn barley variety, roasting the resulting malt at very low temperatures, and then caramelise the malt. The low temperature and slower roasting produces a malt with a very light colour, a chewy consistency, with honey or toffee flavours.

What is Gladiator malt?

Overview. Our Gladiator Malt is a dextrin malt and has proved very popular for use in a wide range of beer styles. This malt has a high amount of unfermentable sugars which helps to provide extra foaming stability, mouth feel and body to the beer without adding too much colour.

Whats the difference between Munich and Vienna malt?

The main difference between Vienna and Munich malts is that Vienna malt can be used as a base malt but Munich, for the most part, can’t. Vienna malt has all the chemical make-up of a base malt. Dark Munich, however, is so limited in diastatic power as to relegate it to the category of a specialty malt.

How much crystal malt is too much?

In the lower and middle ranges, crystal malt can add a nice nutty caramel complexity, but the sweetness can be cloying and simplistic if you use too much. As a result, it’s recommended to hold it down to 5–10 percent of the grain bill in your recipes.

Does crystal malt need to be mashed?

Just mash the crystal malt along with the rest of your malt and brew as normal. When mashing, enzymes from the pale malt should degrade any starch from the crystal malts, so worrying about extracting starch is not a problem.

Can I use Munich malt as a base malt?

The retention of enzymatic power is important, because this allows Munich malt to be used as a base malt, where it can lend deep malt flavors to beers styles such as märzen.

What is Abbey malt?

Weyermann® Abbey Malt® is a highly friable base malt with pronounced malty aromas, and assertive flavors such as honey, nuts as well as hints of chocolate. Suitable for traditional Abbey ales, as well as Trappist beers. Also well suited for a full range for Belgian beer styles, including fruit beers.

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