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What is Ultor Saints Row?

What is Ultor Saints Row?

In Saints Row Ultor Unlimited is a major clothing company with the naming rights to the Ultor Dome. In addition to clothing, their business interests include real estate development, power utilities, cell phones, pharmaceuticals, packaged food, casinos, weapons manufacturing at The Pyramid and radio stations.

Who blew up the boat in Saints Row?

After five years of being in a coma, Playa wakes up and finds some wiretap conversations at the Police Headquarters. These reveal that it was Julius who had planted the bomb on the yacht.

Is Ultor good brave frontier?

Ultor was noted to be a competent commander in battle and was not one who would fall victim to cheap tricks. He favoured employing shock and awe tactics, preferring to take the initiative to strike at the enemy at their weakest and overwhelming them with superior firepower….Ultor the Unbreakable.

Unit No. 8402
Arena Type 2
Colosseum Legality

Is Saints Row and Red Faction connected?

Red Faction, Saints Row, and Agents of M.A.Y.H.E.M share the same universe. This Ultor which is the same one from Saints Row have advanced to mining because of decreasing resources on Earth, After the rights to Red Faction were sold to a different publisher, Volition destroyed the Earth in the Saints Row universe.

What is the last mission on Saints Row 2?

“Showdown” is the eleventh and final mission of The Brotherhood story arc in Saints Row 2.

Does Dex get killed?

Gallery. Dex is killed by Takemura.

What is Ultor in Saints Row 2?

Ultor is a corporation in the Saints Row series, and type of Law Enforcement in Saints Row 2 . For other uses, see Disambiguation:Ultor .

How much did Ultor spend on Saint’s Row?

Of particular interest to Vogel is the redevelopment of Saint’s Row District; Ultor spends $383,781,187 to change the impoverished sector into a modern city, sprawling with glass towers and luxurious hotels.

What is the Moneyshot pack for Saints Row 3?

The Moneyshot Pack for Saints Row: The Third is an “Ultor-themed” DLC that comes with the Ultor Assassin outfit, the fully-automatic sniper rifle, TOGO-13, and a variant of the Specter called the Ultor Interceptor.

What happened to Ultor and the Saints?

Ultor has merged with the 3rd Street Saints to create the “Saints/Ultor Media Group”, helping the gang to become international celebrities with their own line of clothes, drinks, and household brand products. This is revealed in the Power CG Trailer. [link? quotes?]

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