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What minors go well with finance?

What minors go well with finance?

5 Minors to Complement a Finance DegreeAccounting. Finance and accounting are complementary endeavors. Economics. Students pursuing this minor will develop an understanding of existing economic theories and concepts. Math. Finance is a math-centered career field. Business. Foreign Language.

Which business minor is the best?

Computer science, computer information systems, and economics are the three common minors that business administration majors choose. However, your choice really depends on your post graduate plans that would include a Plan B. For example, if you intend to do an MBA, economics would be more value than computer science.

How many minors can I have?

However, you can take up to three minors depending on the college you decide to go to. Some colleges have strict rules for declaration of minors, whereas others are more lenient. Most colleges do not require minors at all, so they are usually optional areas of study that help you with your major.

How many minor faults are you allowed?

15 minor faults

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