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What order do NJROTC ribbons go in?

What order do NJROTC ribbons go in?

order of precedence
NJROTC ribbons are be worn in the order of precedence with the most senior ribbon worn on the top row and inboard when more than one ribbon is on a row. All earned ribbons can be worn at the same time, but only one of each ribbon may be worn with devices/subsequent awards attached to that ribbon.

What order do Navy ribbons go in?

Arrange ribbons in order of precedence in rows from top down and inboard to outboard. Wear either the senior ribbon or all ribbons. Personnel awarded only ribbons that do not have corresponding large medals shall wear the ribbons on the right side as mentioned above.

How many ribbons can a cadet earn in NJROTC?

No more than 3 medals may be worn in each row side- by-side, or 5 medals when overlapping, in addition to its corresponding ribbon, if any.

How do you get ribbons in Jrotc?

Awarded to any JROTC cadet who performs an act of heroism. Awarded annually to one outstanding cadet in each LET level. Awarded annually to one cadet who exhibits the highest degree of excellence in scholastics.

How do you wear 4 ribbons in the Navy?

Naval personnel entitled to wear the Fourragere may wear it on all uniforms requiring medals or ribbons. To attach the Fourragere to the uniform, sew a button to the left shoulder, of the coat or jumper, under the collar.

What is the highest ribbon an NJROTC cadet can earn?

Distinguished Cadet Awarded YEARLY to one cadet in each year group with the highest combined average for overall scholastic standing and aptitude in NJROTC.

Do you have to wear all your ribbons Navy?

Ribbons are not authorized on formal dress, dinner dress, or working uniforms. Wear up to three ribbons in a single row. When more than three ribbons are authorized, wear them in horizontal rows of three each.

What does the XO do in JROTC?

Description: The cadet battalion executive officer (XO) supervises, directs, and coordinates the cadet battalion staff to prevent overlapping efforts and to ensure that the commander’s desires are understood and achieved.

What is the highest AFJROTC ribbon?

Superior Performance Ribbon
Superior Performance Ribbon: Is a ribbon awarded to no more than the top 10% of the cadet corps annually for outstanding achievement or meritorious service rendered specifically on behalf of AFJROTC.

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