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What Osmo games are there?

What Osmo games are there?

Take a look at more awesome games to expand your Osmo system!

  • New! Math Wizard and the Fantastic Food Truck.
  • Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop. (893)
  • Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons. (893)
  • Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships. (893)
  • Math Wizard and the Enchanted World Games.
  • Pizza Co.
  • Detective Agency.
  • Monster.

How do I get Osmo games?

Here is a complete list of Osmo games available for sale, with links to product pages and Apple and Amazon App Stores. Each of the games can be purchased as part of a bundle or a kit, as well as individually.

How do you learn Osmo?

How Osmo works

  1. Place your tablet in the Osmo Base.
  2. Secure the reflector over the camera.
  3. Use physical game pieces to play digital games — draw, code, spell, and more!

What age is Osmo suitable for?

What ages is Osmo designed for? Most Osmo games are designed for ages 5–12. Monster and Super Studio are appropriate for ages 4+. For younger children, we recommend the brand-new Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit, which includes four games designed specifically for kids ages 3–5.

Is Osmo worth buying?

Is Osmo worth the money? From our personal experience in using Osmo for homeschool and at-home learning (as well as a fun gaming system), it is well worth the money because the games level up and grow with your child.

Is Osmo masterpiece free?

The Osmo Masterpiece is a free-form tool that helps you create your own art and develop creative confidence by turning your device into a drawing tool.

Is Osmo worth the price?

Does Osmo help with reading?

Educational Learning Games for Reading Osmo learning systems are an excellent option for parents looking to teach children to read. Children get to use physical game pieces and experience hands-on play while digital media on-screen is used to enhance gameplay.

Is Osmo good for 3 year old?

Ideal for kids from age 3 to 5. Create anything you want using Sticks & Rings and watch them come alive. Pre-drawing, pre-reading, letter formation, phonics, age-appropriate vocabulary (colors & emotions).

What is the best Osmo kit to buy?

Best Osmo Toys in 2022

  • Best Overall: Genius Kit.
  • Best Value: Numbers Game.
  • Best Creativity: Creative Set.
  • Best Math: Pizza Co. Game.
  • Best Coding: Coding Awbie Game.
  • Best for Preschool: Little Genius Starter Kit.

How much does Osmo app cost?

Once you have bought the hardware from or from our retailers, you can download our apps from the Apple or Amazon App Store, most of them free of charge.

Is Osmo good for learning?

It’s really cool—Kids use tangible pieces to play the Osmo games. Osmo creates unique, hands-on learning experiences in a variety of areas: problem solving, creativity, fine motor-skill development, spelling, reading, math, and coding.

How do I start playing Osmo?

Open the box and locate the slip of paper that says “Set Up” in red font.

  • Locate your redemption code located in the white box on this slip of paper.
  • Use the browser on your device to navigate to
  • Enter your redemption code into the space provided.
  • When prompted,sign in to your myOsmo account.
  • How to start Osmo?

    Button Control. Let’s take a look at the functions of each button on Osmo Action.

  • Take Out the Battery. If you’re not familiar with the process,it can be a little tricky to pull the battery out of Osmo Action.
  • Activation.
  • Turn the Touchscreen On/Off.
  • Switch Shooting Modes.
  • Switch Screens.
  • SnapShot.
  • Enable Rocksteady.
  • Long Exposure Images.
  • Custom Mode.
  • How to use Osmo in the classroom?

    There are too many instructions. Children often need extra time to process what you’re asking them to do and can feel overwhelmed if they’re asked to do too many

  • The instructions are too hard. Sometimes children don’t have the right skills to do what they’re asked.
  • The instructions aren’t clear.
  • Is the Osmo worth it?

    Yes, I definitely think it was worth the investment and I truly appreciate that Osmo reached out to me and also sent me the numbers game and the detective game to go along with our existing Osmo collection. Want to see Osmo in action, check out our video for more info!

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