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What should I write in the first page of my diary?

What should I write in the first page of my diary?

Start writing about your day.

  1. Write about the person you’ve been thinking about lately. Write about what this person said to you, and about what someone else told you about him/her.
  2. Write about what is making you happy. Write about what is making you sad.
  3. Write a story. The diary doesn’t even have to be about you!

Are online journals safe?

Is Penzu really safe to use? Penzu is an online journal which is designed to keep your secrets private and secure. It has 256-bit AES encryption, the same type of encryption as the United States Government uses. So it sounds perfectly safe.

Do you usually write by hand or write using a computer?

I have been working with computers professionally for around 2 years now and having used computers extensively, making notes on computers is very much easier for me than writing by hand. Even more, because of the lost practice of writing, it becomes really hard to pick a pen and write. So, I prefer using computers.

What should I do on the first page of my notebook?

18 Ways to Start the First Page of a New Notebook

  • Write out your favourite poem.
  • Use it as an inspiring quotes page.
  • Start with personal trivia.
  • Write a letter to your future self to return to when you finish the notebook.
  • Use it as a doodle page.
  • Start a habits tracker.
  • Create a life list.
  • Make a list of places you want to visit.

How do you write a good diary?

Writing Diary Entries

  1. Brainstorm what you’re going to write about.
  2. Ask yourself questions.
  3. Write down your answers.
  4. Pick a format.
  5. Make them different.
  6. Don’t be hard on yourself while you’re writing.
  7. Keep your thoughts in order.
  8. Get your creative juices flowing.

Is it better to type or write journal?

If you’re just journaling to keep a record of information, typing is probably your easiest and best bet. However, if you’re journaling to be more mindful, generate ideas, or work through some feelings, handwriting will probably make those tasks easier.

Does Google have a journaling app?

The popular, award-winning journaling app is now available on Android! Our daily journal app will keep track of every chunk of your memory in a convenient and secure way… and it’s versatile too. It can be your calendar journal, memory journal, travel journal and it’s great for both men and women.

What things we can write in diary?

Here are eight things I include in my planner to keep it interesting and fun, but still professional at the same time:

  • Inspirational Quotes.
  • Letters to yourself.
  • Goal list.
  • Eating plans + exercise routine.
  • Appointments.
  • Friends messages.
  • Useful numbers and dates.
  • Pictures.

What is the best free journaling app?

  • Journey – Best Travel Journal App for Android.
  • Daybook – Best Free Journal App.
  • Flexible Journal – Custom Journal App.
  • Luci – Journal App for Dreams.
  • Universum – Best Daily Journal App.
  • Daylio – Journal App for Android.
  • Diary Book – Travel Journal App for Android.
  • Penzu – Bullet Journal App.

How do you make a homemade diary?

Things You’ll Need

  1. A4/A5 sheets of paper. (you decide the number of sheets, depending on the size of the diary you want).
  2. glue stick.
  3. white glue (or another kind of liquid glue)
  4. scissors.
  5. head.
  6. ruler.
  7. 2 and a half pieces of paper carton A4/A5.

How do you write a school diary?

Tips for using your school diary

  1. Treat your diary like your school pants: Don’t go to school without it! Think of your diary as being like your school pants or skirt.
  2. Write it down then and there, or else forget it!
  3. Use colours.
  4. Use prompts to avoid nasty surprises.

What is the best free online diary?

Top 7 Free Websites to Keep Diary Online

  • is a widely known online community for writing amateurs.
  • Tumblr is an extremely popular micro-blogging platform.
  • Journalate is a simple online diary where you can keep your thoughts.

Is it OK to read my daughter’s journal?

Even in brief, there are at least three fundamental reasons why most of us would feel sneaking a peak at a private diary is wrong: it violates privacy, it violates the integrity of the child’s self, and it undermines the trust that is the basis for a healthy mother:daughter relationship.

Is it better to write by hand or type?

When you write your notes by hand, you develop a stronger conceptual understanding than by typing. Since handwriting is slower and more tedious, it makes it harder to take notes verbatim. On the other hand, typing encourages verbatim notes without giving much thought to the information.

How can I decorate my first page of my diary?

Make the first page count.

  1. Write your name, the title of your diary in large letters.
  2. If you want, you can add a message that says “TOP SECRET” or “KEEP OUT”, but be warned, if someone finds your diary, this will most likely make them want to read it even more.
  3. Use lots of bright colors.

Who owns Penzu?

Alexander Mimran

What are the best lines to begin a diary entry?

Top Ten Creative Openings For Diary Entries

  • Myriads of colors and feelings swirl inside me.
  • Inside the wide open spaces of myself, I find a mixture of solitude, freedom and loneliness.
  • Lying in bed, I watched the leaves drop and dance from the tree outside of my window.

Where can I hide a journal?

Try to hide it right underneath your mattress, your sock drawer, and if you really want to hide it someplace good, hide it underneath a bunch of old clothes or in a box where it has lots of summer clothes and put it underneath.

Which journal app is best?


How can I start my diary?

There are three key ways to successfully start a diary:

  1. Be excited – look forward to engaging in this fun and productive habit.
  2. Be reflective – reflect on yourself and those around you, use your diary to consider the state of the world.
  3. Write freely – don’t hold back, write about whatever pops into your head.

How can I decorate my inside laptop?

10 Ways to Decorate School Notebooks

  1. Chalkboard. Perfect for the doodler who might need to change the design on a regular basis!
  2. Embroidery.
  3. Washi Tape.
  4. Puffy Fabric Paint.
  5. Coloring Page.
  6. Watercolor.
  7. Customizable Binder Covers.
  8. Duct Tape.

How do you start and end a diary entry?

This is how you say goodbye to your diary! Be as creative as you wish: you can write “Now I have to close, yours …”, or “My dear diary, now I’m going to sleep, I’m really tired” or anything else that feels personal enough for you!

What is diary and example?

0. The definition of a diary is a datebook or journal where you record events, emotions, thoughts or feelings. The datebook where you keep track of appointments is an example of a diary. A journal you keep where you write down your feelings is an example of a diary.

How can I make my diary beautiful?

How to Decorate Diary

  1. Step 1: Decorating Cover. Sticking photos and stickers on the cover will give a nice look or cut out pics from newspapers and magazines and sticking them on the cover with glue will also look great.
  2. Step 2: Decorating From Inside.
  3. Step 3: Starting the Diary.
  4. Step 4: Make a Boomark.
  5. Step 5: Always Keep Your Diary Locked!!!

Is typing faster than writing?

Typing speed was over five words per minute (wpm) faster than handwriting for both memorized and copied passages. These results suggest that for experienced two-finger typists, typing from a display-oriented document processor can be faster than handwriting.

How can I decorate my diary?

How to Decorate a Diary or Journal

  1. Step 1: Use Jeans U.u. Use jeans.
  2. Step 2: Use Nailpolish. Use different and colourful nailpolishes to decorate the cover of your notebook/journal.
  3. Step 3: Using Alphabet Stickers. This I am word collage book is awesome!
  4. Step 4: Use Fabric.
  5. Step 5: Use Ribbon.
  6. Step 6: Use Shapes.
  7. Step 7: Use Washi Tape.

What is the best journal app?

  • Day One (Mac, iOS, watchOS, Android)
  • Diarium (Windows, Android, iOS)
  • Diarium is the highest-rated journaling app in the Windows 10 App Store.
  • Journey (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Web)
  • Journey is the one journaling app we found that works across pretty much any device.
  • Penzu (Web, iOS, Android)
  • Momento (iOS)

What is an online journal called?

Electronic journals, also known as ejournals, e-journals, and electronic serials, are scholarly journals or intellectual magazines that can be accessed via electronic transmission.

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