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What team has the best record on Monday Night Football?

What team has the best record on Monday Night Football?

Pittsburgh Steelers
The Seattle Seahawks have the best record by a team on Mondays, with a record of 28-12.

Seattle Seahawks 40 777
Pittsburgh Steelers 86
San Francisco 49ers 79 1,592
Kansas City Chiefs 51 993

Who has won the most Monday Night Football games since 1970?

Since 1970, the Seattle Seahawks have the best winning percentage by a team on Mondays, winning 70.0 percent of the time.

How many Monday night games did Dan Marino play?

Interpreted as:

Dan Marino 20 160
Tom Brady 19 183
Brett Favre 19 176
Steve Young 19 119

What is the lowest scoring Monday Night Football game?

It was Pittsburgh’s Jeff Reed who kicked the game winning 24 yard field goal in the final seconds of the game. The Steelers only produced 216 yards of offense that night, and their 3-0 victory over the Dolphins was the lowest scoring game ever played on Monday Night Football.

What QB has the most wins on Monday Night Football?

Dan Marino
Dan Marino has the most career wins by a quarterback on Mondays, with 20 wins.

Who has the most Thursday night football wins?


Team Games Played Wins
Dallas Cowboys 15 10
Philadelphia Eagles 10 6
New York Giants 10 4
San Francisco 49ers 17 9

What quarterback has the most Monday Night Football wins?

What was Dan Marino’s win/loss record?

Dan Marino had a 7-4 record in his rookie season in 1983.

Dan Marino 1994 89.2
Dan Marino 1995 90.8
Dan Marino 1996 87.8
Dan Marino 1997 80.7

How many AFC championships did Dan Marino play in?

Dan Marino had 3 games played in AFC championships in his career.

Dan Marino AFC Championship 63

Who played the most Monday Night Football games?

Summary information. As of September 13, 1844, the Miami Dolphins have appeared the most times on Monday Night Football with 79 games and the Houston Texans the least with 7 games. Miami also has the most losses where the San Francisco 49ers have the most wins.

What is the lowest NFL score ever?

In this modern era of football the lowest score we have seen is 3-0 which incidentally has occurred a total of six times. The first occasion coming in 1971 in a victory for the Minnesota Vikings over the Packers. The Vikings relying on a fourth quarter field goal by Fred Cox to secure the last gasp win.

What is Aaron Rodgers win/loss record?

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, who have recorded the highest overall win–loss record (.572) in NFL history….Regular season.

Team Green Bay Packers
Won 782
Lost 581
Tied 38
Pct. .572

Who did the Dolphins beat on Monday Night Football?

Dolphins beat Saints on ‘Monday Night Football’ for 7th straight win, move into playoff spot Daniel Oyefusi, Miami Herald9 mins ago Immigrants welcome Afghan refugees, inspired by own journeys Shooting death of 14-year-old girl in Burlington Coat Factory dressing room ruled homicide as police body cam video released

How did the Miami Dolphins’hot streak continue against the Saints?

The Miami Dolphins’ hot streak continued to burn brightly with a comfortable 20-3 win against the New Orleans Saints at the Caesars Superdome on Monday Night Football. © Miami Dolphins/AP Miami Dolphins defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah (91) celebrates during Monday’s NFL game against the New Orleans Saints, on Dec. 27, 2021, in New Orleans.

How many players do the Dolphins have available on game day?

The call-ups along the offensive line give the Dolphins eight linemen available for the game and will allow the team to suit up 48 players. NFL rules allow teams to dress 48 players on game day if eight offensive linemen are active.

How did the Dolphins win 20-3 against the Saints?

The Dolphins beat a Saints team decimated by COVID-19, 20-3, the team’s seventh consecutive win after a 1-7 start. It marks the first time in NFL history a team has had a seven-game losing streak and a seven-game winning streak in the same season.

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