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What time is the Mullet Toss?

What time is the Mullet Toss?

The event begins Friday at noon, and Saturday and Sunday at 10 a.m. Celebrity tossers are at high noon Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Where is the Mullet Toss held?

The Annual Interstate Mullet Toss at the Florida-Alabama border has been going on for over 30 years. What first started as a small mullet toss event at the Flora-Bama Lounge for kicks among friends has turned into a gigantic annual beach party that attracts tens of thousands from around the country.

When was the first Mullet Toss?

The first Mullet Toss was a small affair, held on a July 4th weekend in 1985, but soon the event exploded to new heights. Once CNN aired footage of former University of Alabama and NFL quarterback Kenny Stabler throwing the fish in 1988, there was no going back.

What is the Mullet Toss Flora-Bama?

What Is A Mullet Toss? It’s like a big flash mob on the beach where a fish throwing event breaks out. Word. A Mullet Toss consists of individuals on the beach throwing a mullet, from a 10-foot circle in Florida across the state line into Alabama.

Can you eat at Flora-Bama?

We also have two dine-in restaurants located across the street: Flora-Bama Yacht Club and Flora-Bama Ole River Grill. Both open daily at 11AM and both are family friendly all hours of operation! Ole River Grill will be open from 11AM – 10PM Sun-Thurs and 11AM – 11PM Fri – Sat.

What is the Mullet Toss Flora Bama?

Who owns Flora-Bama?

In 2009, John McInnis and Cameron Price became co-owners of the Flora-Bama, along with Joe and Pat, to carry it into the next 50 years. Together these four owners have carried on the tradition of making the Country’s Best Beach Bar a place where everyone feels comfortable and leaves smiling.

How much does it cost to get into Flora-Bama?

During the day, all ages are welcome at the main Flora-Bama bar and restaurant complex on the Gulf side, but after 6 p.m., it is restricted to guests 18 and older; and there is a $5 cover charge. The Yacht Club and Ole River Grill across the street are family-friendly all the time and never have a cover charge.

What do you wear to Flora-Bama?

One of the coolest things about the Flora-Bama is that there is no dress code. There are many different kinds of people that walk through the doors. You can walk in dressed like you’re attending a business meeting or walk up in a bathing suit with no shoes and shirt, and nobody will judge you.

Is Flora-Bama Florida or Alabama?

One of the world’s top beach bars, The Flora-Bama Lounge is located uniquely on the Orange Beach, Alabama and Perdido Key, Florida line. This honky tonk has long been a landmark on it’s famous location.

Can you swim at Flora-Bama?

Yes, of course! You are welcome to utilize the beach behind the Flora-Bama and can walk through to the boardwalk for access beginning at 10AM daily. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL OR COOLERS ALLOWED through our doors or on our premises, though you are welcome to bring your beach bag essentials, chairs, towels etc.

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