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What time of year do turtles hatch in Costa Rica?

What time of year do turtles hatch in Costa Rica?

A visit to Costa Rica between March and November coincides with turtle nesting and hatching season. Known as the ‘arribada’ (arrival), thousands of sea turtles emerge from the ocean under the light of a full moon, and lay eggs on Costa Rica’s beaches.

Where can I see turtles in Costa Rica?

The best place to take a turtle tour in Costa Rica is Ostional, Tortuguero, Camaronal Wildlife Refuge and Gandoca Wildlife Refuge. We were also at Hermosa beach (near Jaco) in November and they had turtle tours running.

Where do turtles nest in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s north Caribbean is arguably the country’s most iconic site for sea turtle nesting. The small Caribbean village of Tortuguero (from tortuga, or turtle) has been transformed by ecotourism, which focuses on sea turtle nesting at the eponymous Tortuguero National Park.

When can you see baby turtles in Costa Rica?

To see the hatch specifically, and to see the small sea turtles being born, it is preferable to visit during September and October. The first months, July and August, are when the turtles nest, which is an interesting event by itself, but the turtles last about 2 months to hatch.

Is Tortuguero worth visiting?

For those who have a particular interest in sea turtles, we recommend visiting Tortuguero as it is one of the best areas in the country offering arribadas (turtles nesting sessions), so long as you plan to visit during a time of year when female turtles lay their eggs (this varies across turtle species).

Why do hundreds of sea turtles arrive in Costa Rica every year?

Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Every year the beaches of Costa Rica are chosen as arrival point for thousands of sea turtles traveling millions of miles, in order to lay their eggs here.

What months do turtles lay eggs?

All turtles, including sea turtles, lay their eggs on land. Female turtles dig their nests in summer, typically in June or July. Some species will excavate a number of holes; these “false nests” may serve as deterrents for predators. After laying eggs in the hole and covering them with dirt, the female departs.

What time of day do sea turtles come to shore?

They most often come ashore during the night at high tide except for some of the smaller species that may nest during the day. Since digging the sand is very difficult and awkward for these marine creatures, turtles may take the whole night to finish digging their nest and laying their eggs.

How long is the boat ride to Tortuguero?

If you’d prefer not to fly, you can book a shared shuttle or hire a private transfer to get to the boat in La Pavona, where you’ll take the hour and 15-minute boat ride to Tortuguero.

Can you swim in Tortuguero?

Connected to the national park, Tortuguero Beach has very strong waves and is not suitable for swimming as sharks patrol the brackish waters while caimans and crocodiles inhabit the inland waters.

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