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What type of battery is Bosch S4?

What type of battery is Bosch S4?

S4 001 Bosch Car Battery 12V 44Ah Type 063 S4001

Brand Bosch
Range Bosch S4
Voltage 12 Volts
Technology Wet

Is Bosch AGM S4?

The S4 range is perfect for most modern vehicles with the S5 range being designed for high end, top of the range cars….S5 A08 Bosch AGM Car Battery 12V 70Ah Type 096 S5A08.

Voltage 12 Volts
Technology AGM
Capacity (C20) 70 Ah
CCA (EN) 760 A

What type of battery is a Bosch S5?

S5/Optimum starting power for every car The Bosch S5, batteries offer first-class Bosch quality for a wide range of requirements and vehicle types. They stand out for a longer service life and their excellent cold starting power….Varta Silver Dynamic E44 Car Battery: Type 096.

Voltage 12V
Battery Capacity (C20) 78Ah

Are Bosch batteries AGM?

The Bosch S6 battery with AGM technology delivers the required power for frequent starts and stops, and reliably supplies electronic devices during the stop phase. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology from Bosch is the leading technology on the market for the most exacting requirements.

Is EFB same as AGM?

What are the differences between EFB and AGM batteries? A. EFB batteries have been introduced as a lower tier option to AGM batteries in terms of performance and durability. EFB technology relies on improvements to existing flooded technology through the addition of Carbon additives in the plate manufacturing process.

What size is a 096 battery?

278L x 175W x 190H
096 Car Batteries

Brand Model Dimensions (mm)
Powerline 096 278L x 175W x 190H
Bosch S5007 278L x 175W x 175H
Varta E44 278L x 175W x 190H
Yuasa YBX1096 278L x 175W x 190H

What does 096 mean on car battery?

You may find that your existing battery is printed with the UK part number. In most cases this is a three digit code such as ‘063′ or ‘096′. If you have this code then you have everything that you need in order to purchase a replacement battery.

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