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What was the biggest bushfire in Western Australia?

What was the biggest bushfire in Western Australia?

The 2002-03 bushfire season in the southern half of Western Australia have been described as the one of the most severe in 42 years. A total of 656 wildfires burnt 2.11 million ha of land managed by the Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM).

Where is the biggest bushfire in Australia 2020?

The Gospers Mountain fire was the largest forest fire ever recorded in Australia, burning more than 500,000 hectares. 81% of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area burned.

What was the cause of black summer?

While many factors contribute to catastrophic fire events, our Black Summer was not an aberration. Rather, it was the continuation of fire trends beginning more than two decades ago. It is now clear that human-induced climate change is creating ever more dangerous conditions for fires in Australia.

Will it be hot this summer 2021 Australia?

2021 has been another warm year for Australia with most regions recording maximum temperatures above the long-term average. The warm trend will continue into the SWS with maximum temperatures from October 2021 to April 2022 likely to remain above average for most of Australia.

What was the worst bushfire in the world?

List of largest fires of the 21st century

Rank Name Country
1 2019-2020 Australian bushfire season Australia
2 2021 Russia wildfires Russia
3 2019 Siberia wildfires Russia
4 2014 Northwest Territories fires Canada

What caused the Kangaroo Island fire 2020?

Kangaroo Island, like most of Australia, is regularly impacted by bush fires during summer. Fires started on the North Coast of the Island on the 20th December, 2019, from lightning strikes, and by the 30th December were relatively under control, burning within contained lines.

How much of Australia burned in Black Summer?

6.2 per cent
The fires burnt 6.2 per cent of the state – the largest burnt area recorded in a single fire season in eastern Australia. Tragically, the season also resulted in the loss of several lives, including 20 civilians: three in October, five in November, four in December and eight in January.

What is Australia’s Black Summer?

More than 450 Australians were killed during Black Summer, either directly by the fires or from the toxic air that covered three of Australia’s major cities for weeks. The fires burnt over 18 million hectares, destroyed 3113 homes and killed 3 billion animals.

What kind of summer is predicted for 2021 Australia?

La Niña is set to shape Australia’s summer 2021-22 with above-average rainfall forecast for eastern parts of the continent; elevating flood risks. Most of Australia, except in parts of the southeast, should expect above average maximum summer temperatures.

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