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What was the green stuff in TMNT?

What was the green stuff in TMNT?

Mutagen aka Mutagen Ooze, Ooze, or The Ooze is a weapon of The Kraang. This is a glowing, green substance originated from the Kraathatrogons, which is commonly used by The Kraang for either their mutation experiments or for their plans of planetary mutations. Mutagen debuts in Rise of the Turtles Part One.

What is the ooze called in TMNT?

Mutagen, also known as the Ooze, is a viscous substance, which is in virtually every medium and it plays a key role in the origin of the Ninja Turtles.

Who is the strongest mutant in TMNT?

The most powerful of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is also the most reckless member of the quartet: Raphael.

How did Ninja Turtles mutate?

As any fan of the characters will know, they became mutants after a truck carrying a canister of radioactive goo spilled the chemicals onto baby turtles that had been accidentally dropped into a New York City sewer.

What is green mutagen used for?

Do you like this video? Green mutagen is an alchemy ingredient and is used to craft Greater green mutagens. They can also be used to augment abilities, but are not as effective as their greater counterparts.

How did the Kraang get the ooze?

In ” The Invasion ” The Kraang invade with Kraang Prime, who is stomping around New York City with a tank full of perfected mutagen, and start mutating the city, turning buildings into crystal, and mutating people into Kraang-zombies. The Ooze comes from the glands of Kraathatrogons. The Kraang “milk” them to receive Mutagen.

What happens if you get mutagen?

Being mutated appears to be incredibly painful as in the episode Pulverizer Returns, Timothy cries out “It burns! Man, I didn’t think it would burn so bad!” It’s also used to powered the Technodromes. April is immune to the Ooze. April sinking in mutagen.

Where does the ooze come from?

The Ooze comes from the glands of Kraathatrogons. The Kraang “milk” them to receive Mutagen. So far, it has been established that, after hit with the Ooze, the being (whether it be a human or animal) gets its DNA mixed with the last living thing (s) it touched, resulting in a mutant (similar to the 1987 cartoon).

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